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Full Version: n64input info and download
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Binary: http://mudlord.info/emulators/n64input.dll
Source: https://github.com/mudlord/n64input

* Focuses on ease of use.
* Supports 360 controllers *only*
* Use DirectInput > Xinput wrappers/emulators at *own risk*. They are not supported at all. So if you make a bug report using a Dinput controller, consider it invalid.

* implemented controller pak support
* added a basic configuration dialog
* redone about box
* all guis done using wtl
* rewrote plugin for rumble support. GetKeys() doesn't work in conjunction with reading controller commands.
* added a nicer about box.
* initial release.

Consider this plugin feature-complete. It will not be touched by me except for bug fixes. I see no point in controller pak viewer browsing nor transfer pak emulation. As for people's FOSS comments, they can shut up before spewing vitriol.
added 0.2, with rumble.
Heh, even has a courtesy about() dialogue now. Also for updates on features like the support for the rumble pak and other unique things I'd better keep an eye on the info pertinent to that for maintaining the text info about this new plugin on the other forum talking about plugin information.

At the moment though it looks like that mudlord/n64shit/ path 404'd. D:
Not a error, I removed the source so some morons can't remove the about messages......I dont want byuu sympathisers getting all shitty and hijacking my crap.
added controller pak support for the next version, needs configuration. DexDrive saves are not supported.
added controller pak emulation.
added source
You probably knew that the source is down again, but it makes sense. I've been working on a basic plugin that doesn't use any imports except from the Windows definitions library to define system controls using just the keyboard, but things like memory pak support or other features I was wanting to experiment with and look at open-source. Either way, reasons like what you said, I can feel for why not to have it open-source for very long XD.
if you want to look at the memory pak stuff
i am willing to negotiate something.
Ah yes thank you for suggesting. Currently I've stood my plugin off to a basic design while I learn to write basic plugins for RSP and other fields, then work to extend to more useful designs. I'll contact you again if I get back to add memory pak device support.
Cool, feel free to come back for more info.
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