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Full Version: Game compatibility: how to
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In order to keep things efficient, a number of info would be desirable, so compatibility issues could be looked into.

* which emulator version was used (or SVN revision)
* which platform (XP, XP64 bits, Vista, Linux, MacOS X 10.4, etc...)
* sound/graphics issues, if any
* speed/performance (please mention your processor)
* game title
* game type (GBA/GB/GBC)

Rom Name

Region code (E,U,J,A,G,S,I,F,.. thats Europe, USA, Japan, Australia (i think), Germany, Spain, Italy, France.

Rom Version (1.0,1.1, etc...)

Game Code (for example, Yugioh GX Dual academy is BYGE). See the properties of the game in VBA-M.

If the game requires VBA-Over.ini, mention it.
if VBA-Over.ini is required, mention the settings required. (so that it can be added if its not there already.).

Is RTC required: Yes or No

If the game works ok with just Automatic/Automatic and automatic save type, just a mention that it works with the defaults would be enough.

PS: feel free to edit this as desired, then remove this line.
we posted something similar in the old board iirc
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