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Full Version: Gui Path Additions/Tweaks
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-I would like to suggest to add a separate Gameboy Color rom path slot in the configure paths section of the emulator.

-Also I would like to suggest to add Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color separate save slot path options in the configure paths section of the emulator instead of just one save path for everything.
This is so that we can keep roms and saves organized per system so that they won't be all mixed up.

-By default, could the coders make every path directable to the folder that the emulator is in instead of through the hidden application data folder? This way we can keep track easily of what is going on with the emulator in one general location.
1. Already done
2. Is more impossible then you'd think, some games can operate in different modes depending on the hardware presented
3. Removal of the app data config is already bugged on the tracker.
1. Is that done in an unreleased new version? Because I only see gameboy and gameboy advance separate rom config paths. Not gameboy color. (1025)

2. How about have the option to save to the path of the rom instead if a separate location is not specified (like the old version)?
1025 is not in a supported branch at this time.
Does that mean that I grabbed an old/wrong version or does that mean GBC can't be separated from GB atm?
it means its heavily WIP and Zach is working on it in his spare time.

1030 is the latest supported
Oh aight. Thank you.
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