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Full Version: not work GB Mode?
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Trouble happens to the following titles in the GBC mode.
This occurs with the original hardware.
-Zerd no Densetsu
-Pingu: Sekai de 1ban Genki na Penguin (Mini Game: Hide and Seek)

BGB and KiGB and gambatte act with a GB mode.
(GBC mode can be confirmed by the following settings)
BGB: Options...>System> check Gameboy Color
KiGB: File>Emulation>Type...> not check Game Boy

However, it doesn't work even if the SGB&SGB2&GB mode is selected in VBA-M.
It is the same function as GBC mode.
ref: www29.atpages.jp/okataki/pingu.png

However, the error screen of the game only for GBC is displayed.
unfortunately, japanese titles have always gotten a lower priority in visualboy advance because the desire to play them hasn't been there for the mostly non japanese speaking devs.

VBA-M has a built in colour selector for GB titles, you can select the GB green palette or greys and blacks.

Realistically, the Grey's and whites is how it would appear on a gameboy colour running in gb mode. The green tones were because of the lack of back lighting on the GB lcd panel.
I am sorry to become late.
>japanese titles...
I think that it is an unavoidable thing.
I run short of the knowledge of many English or other games similarly.

This problem is another although explanation of a palette is very kind one.

Although it may know, slight GB mode of GBC differs from GB to SGB.
This fault has occurred owing to it.
It seems that it generates besides the 2 above-mentioned titles.
-Road Rash (not color ver)
-Burai Fighter (not color ver): Stage 1 Boss

It found that this affair was written to Message Board of bsnes.

The method of operating VBA-M in GB mode which starts STAT bug is not found now.
I'm sorry if I have overlooked something.
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