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Hey all, I'm new here.
I got VBA-M soon as I heard it has link functionality, but now that I have the latest version with the function working I don't know how to use it. :\

I'm playing Pokemon Leaf Green, I want to trade and get the other starters (and the exp boost). So I do the usual, catch a pidgey/rattata or whatever, and proceed to the nearest Pokemon center. What I do is open 2 instances of VBA-M, different starters in each (save state 1 in one instance, save state 2 in the other). Then I turn on linking in both instances, and continue linking like a would using IRL GBAs. Am I doing it wrong? Or is something still broken?
VisualBoyAdvance-M svn1030 beta (Test version of Linking)

limitations in this release are
*GB linking is only emulated on server mode, you can use localhost as the server in the client connection to emulate both on a single pc.
*Timing issues may occur
I'm also experiencing trouble with the linking function. I'm trying to run 2 on the same pc on windows. I have all of the recommended programs from the read me (as far as I know). You said "*GB linking is only emulated on server mode, you can use localhost as the server in the client connection to emulate both on a single pc." I assume to take that as instructions to type "localhost" as the server. Well, upon doing that in both, only one instance connects, and it sets an ip. while the other fails and either gives the blank vba error, or one stating "error 10048 occurred, please try again." Now I do have some experience in programming, but networking is unfortunately my blind spot. Any clue what I'm doing wrong and/or any suggestions?
click start server on the first instance, and connect to it using localhost in the second.

also make sure enable wifi is ticked if the game needs it.
The first vba starts the sever and says waiting for players, and on the second I put localhost, but upon pressing join, it only gives me the nameless error with the red X. To clarify, you're supposed to put the words "localhost" and not the name of the server connection or anything right? I tried both and the latter just crashes the joining vba. I've got to be missing something obvious here... any other suggestions?
the red X is because you are not using 1030b.

this and only this

has working linking atm.
Haha, ok that worked. I thought I had the latest one, I guess not. Thanks a million squall!
the latest doesn't have linking working.
I am trying to trade from FireRed to Emerald, is this possible?

I have done everything It says here, but the wireless doesn't seem to be working (Just says your wireless adapter does not seem to be connected properly) so I go and try the direct linking, but I just get the Please wait... B Button to cancel box. I did the server hosting thing with localhost... and followed this thread to the letter. Can't seem to get it working. Any help would be much appreciated.

Edit: I am also using version 1030b
Fire Red to emerald does not use Wifi. the Wifi was introduced for the Fire-Red and leaf green games only.
Thanks for the reply, but I managed to work it out Smile
Is there link function for linux?

EDIT: I ask this because I can't find any option in the menu of gtk version (I can't compile the wx version), although I enabled link option in cmake.

It looks like I'm having the same problem as Anville.
I can connect them to each other but when i start trading in game it stops at: 'Please wait.. B butten to cancel'.
Anything I'm doing wrong or what?

And I am using the 1030b version.

Hello Boys !
I think I have the same problem than Bosscore...
The connection is Ok between both Emulators but the link doesn't pass.
One tell me "Waiting for other player"
The second doesn't work...

Do you have any Idea ?
no idea.

as i said, theres not much support i can give for this version
When you got the problem with the connecting-stop when the screen shows 'Please wait.. B butten to cancel',

then you just have to


Options > Link > Options...
and check Single Computer in General Tab


Options > Link > Options...
and check Network in General Tab,
but check when creating the server the 'Speed Hacks' Tick
and check when joining the Server the 'Speed Hacks: On (fast)'.

Hope I could help you Wink

I am having similar problems. A friend of mine and I are using leaf green and fire red, and trying to link over a network. We get the link, and we can walk into the trading room, but as soon as the character walks in, an error screen pops up.

We are using 1030b, have tried with and without wireless adapter, with and without speed hacks. Anyone have any idea? Thanks.

Also, I can connect two instances on the same computer using a localhost connection, without wireless adapter.
Must have something to do with the packets going out of sync, that happens a lot depending on how you link the games, like the way you're doing for example.
Is there a better way to link it? I started getting the same error with a link on the same computer... also, an error started popping up on the second instance (either the 10048 mentioned above, or a blank box).
Sometimes it takes trial and effort.

Or you could use VBA 180
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