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Full Version: I'm creating a seperate Mac project
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There's currently no publicly available mac binary for vbam, and most people looking for one aren't willing to build from source or use a command line.
I have read through the build scripts and built the SDL version (since there's no complete Cocoa ports of GTK and wxwidgets, and the QT port was scrapped) as an Xcode project.
Given the limitations of mixing SDL with Cocoa and what I wish to accomplish, I don't plan on reaching feature parity with the Linux and windows versions, and thus would like to make a separate, OSX-only project which focuses on trying to make the SDL port more user-friendly. This will prevent cluttering up this repository, or having development stalled due to lack of mac developers.
I'll make the source publicly available, prominently state that all the source comes from this project, and will not ask for donations.
Interesting, feel free to drop by the IRC channel to discuss things.
Quote:There's currently no publicly available mac binary for vbam

False. It just isn't up to date as we have no OSX developers to build it.
Well, after more searching, it looks like there's already a pretty developed port of the original VBA on an intel mac: http://sourceforge.net/projects/macboyadvance/files/
It pretty much accomplishes most of what I intended to do, and the objC code in the project is pretty easy to link with vbamcore, so I guess there's not too much for me to do here
lol.... if you count missing most of the new sound options, filter plugins and override editor dialogue as "pretty developed"
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