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Full Version: Sub-Tabbing GUI Glitch in 2.2 Final
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This seems to have been introduced in N-Rage Input 2.2 final, as I haven't reproduced it in 2.2 beta or 2.1 RC3. I noticed this while I was setting the NRAGE.INI file to use a memory pak file for all four controllers.

To reproduce in the configuration dialogue, under the tab for controllers 1, 2, 3, or 4 (whichever), switch to either the "Devices", "Modifiers", or "Controller Pak" sub-tab, then switch to the parent tab of a different controller. No matter what sub-tab you had selected, it always assumes the interface of only the "Controls" sub-tab.
[Image: nrf.png]

After switching from the tab of controller 2, 3, or 4 to the tab of controller 1, the controls for controller 1 appear in place of the dialogue for the devices, modifiers, or controller pak settings of controller 1.
its a frequent issue with such gui designs under MFC :\

im pretty sure i can fix the subtab behavior to reset properly to the controls tab, but its practically a non issue either way.
Yeah it's not an issue, just a sort of confusing glitch since it never happened until this release. Up to 2.2 beta it kept at say the "Controller Pak" tab while switching controller tabs and updating, but there's a reason that I'm probably the only one who noticed this glitch XD. Not really a need to check that often.
i think it might be the changes to the xinput tab box
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