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Full Version: diagonals when used with a 360 pad
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Hey, I use my xbox 360 pad, i am only able to move in the x and y axis , no diagonals. as I am trying to play games such as golden sun - this is quite annoying. is it possible to go diagonally at all?
Out of curiosity, by "pad" are you referring to the directional gray pad, or just the device in general or analogue interface?
I am having the same issue. I cannot move diagonally when using the analog sticks. Moving diagonally with the D-Pad does work however.

I've been using Xpadder to work around this issue by mapping the analog outputs to the arrow keys, then in VBA setting the arrow keys to control movement, but it would be nice to have VBA detect diagonal joystick movement directly.

Also I'm not sure if it's worth creating another thread for, but pressing both triggers down at the same time isn't working for me.

[EDIT] Fixed the trigger problem with XBCD:
seems to be that you need to get the stick exactly in the corner to pull off diagonal movement, which appears is problematic on official 360 controllers
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