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Full Version: No support for unofficial distributions of VBA-M
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This should really be obvious to most, but for those its not, we won't be supporting or accepting bugs for builds of VBA-M that aren't built by the reporter or obtained from the official project page.

We cannot ensure the integrity of such builds, in that they've been built properly with the correct MSVC version and settings and that they have not been infected with malware.
about fucking time.
crimsonrain must die.
I would hope it's alright I'm attempting to package this for RPMFusion Smile
Although I figure this is geared towards window builds, considering you mentioned MSVC.

On that note, are any the dev's interested in hosting/supporting RPM's along with the DEB's for Linux Builds? I can send my source RPM's if they are.
This was mainly directed at the idiots like WinDSPro that build it with an buggy unpatched VS2010 Tongue
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