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Full Version: Nrage Input Plugin 2.3c
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Release 2.3c
/Xinput Rumble and Deadzone fixed (Thanks KrossX)
/Some potential crash and buffer overruns? fixed by kidkat
/Some UI changes to improve readability for high dpi setups

Release 2.3b
/Xinput config loading fixed
+No longer crashes if an assigned device is removed or not present when starting emulation.
/RC files saved from visual studio break the file lister, reverted and edited with notepad.

Release 2.2:
+Resolved file browsers not displaying supported file types
+Improved Xinput support by backporting changes from 1964input

Download(via adf.ly)
does not work the emulator does not load it Angry
Hmm, now my modifiers seem to not work anymore Angel
modifiers weren't touched at all.
Haven't had problems setting up a rapid fire macro on the release build provided here.
Hmm, my pj64 also crashes when I don't use xinput XD

Notes: I only tested with an xbox 360 controller, probably just me XD
thats a device lost crash.... its never been very graceful
updated to 2.3c
Thanks a lot for this great plugin.

I think I need one more mode option for using the mouse/touchpad with project64. What I need is a "dragging" mode (ie: the joystick is moved only if you move the mouse together with the left mouse button. If you stop the mouse but the left button remains pressed, the joystick remains at the last position. Only when you release the left button, the joystick returns to its zero position).

I mean this:
1-If you move the mouse without pressing any button, the joystick remains at static zero position (no motion).
2-If you press the left mouse button, the plugin registers the current mouse position as the "current zero".
3-If you hold the left mouse button pressed, and move the mouse, the analog joystick position is computed as the vector from the previously recorded "current zero" to the current mouse position.
4-If you stop the mouse, but the left mouse button is still pressed, the analog joystick position continues to be the same vector as in 3 (so the motion continues at the same speed).
5-If you release the left mouse button, the analog joystick returns to its zero position (no motion).
6-If you press the left mouse button again, the new current position is registered as the new "current zero".
(...and so on...)

Note that since the analog joystick position will be set as the length of the vector from the "current zero" to the "current position", I believe this mode might need a different scale setting for the motion.

This mode would be greatly useful for both mouse and touchpad use, IMHO, because with the current modes you must be moving the mouse continuously, which is rather uncomfortable (and the absolute mode is hard to get used to, because it's hard to find the zero position).

Could you implement it, please? I believe it should be quite easy...

Thanks a lot anyway for this great plugin!!
I can't get the plugin to use rumble with my wireless X360 controller. I am not using XBCD since the new changelog suggests support for "Xinput Rumble", I take it you don't need XBCD? Or does it?
xbcd doesn't support wireless drivers anyhow.

did you tick the XINPUT box in the settings?
Yep sure did, the rumble works fine in other games (L.A. Noire for example) so it sure is a Force-Feedback Device. I have compiled printscreens showing my settings for you; http://i50.tinypic.com/rwuo2f.png

The language in the settings tab is Swedish but I reckon you can figure out what's what anyhow. I have tried these settings in Donkey Kong 64 (which supports Rumble Pak) without success.
LA noire uses xinput.

Microsoft does not have a force feedback binary for 360 pads. (DXDiag, Input tab).

Xinput rumble and force feedback are not the same.
As long as raw input is selected and rumble is set in the list of available paks, rumble will be provided.

I am a big fan of the NRage plugin but after installing the latest version 2.3c and configuring my original xbox controller same as a previous profile, where the c-buttons are mapped to the left thumbstick for FPS, this version only seems to allow use of one axis at a time. Basically, it seems to not allow diagonal movement where it did in previous versions which I was forced to revert to.

I believe this is a bug but have no proof. Any ideas?

Thanks much,

its because a certain threshold (90) was used which is too high for the circular range on xbox controllers.

So now i need to implement a setting to change the range for circular ranged controllers.

The issue should not occur with the Xinput api.
I really hate the person that updated this plugin. It broke the transfer pak.

I can choose gb directory but only with the mempak plugin but it doesn't let me choose what game to use. And toggling the transfer pak option does nothing.
You clearly don't have 2.3c then, the transfer pak works fine.
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