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Full Version: Rules.
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Same as the main rules but with some details:

Regarding commercial material:
* NO cracking requests on this forum. There is other forums on the Internet dedicated to such pursuits, so go there. Likewise, don't ask for the location of these warez request boards.
* Posting of cracks here is FORBIDDEN. HOWEVER, postage of cracks of MY products is encouraged. However, I expect a full tutorial and source code of any patch/crack/keygen of my work. I think that is fair.
* NO discussion of commercial copy protections like ASProtect/Armadillo/Steam/Execryptor. However, unpacking of stuff like ASPack and UPX is allowed since those technically are not protections.
* Exact details on how to crack a target are forbidden. However, there is nothing wrong with discussing general reverse engineering techniques.
* You might come across on the net things in my name like patches or keygens. DON'T ASK FOR HELP WITH THEM HERE. You are on your own.

Regarding releases:
* Something is out when its out. No promises are made when things will get done or finished. So quit whining.
* More often than not, don't expect source code releases. I really don't feel FOSS benefits as much as people say it does.
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