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Full Version: Battery saves (.sav) type and transferring between different emulators
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I'm trying to transfer some saves from Fire Emblem 6 to my Android device using the Gameboid emulator. Gameboid has not been updated for around a year now, and I fear the dev has since left the project.

As such, I turn to you guys for support and help on this issue. Tongue

Gameboid gives savegame options of SRAM, Flash, Flash 128K, and EEPROM. FE6 is detected as SRAM, and selecting SRAM in Gameboid saves the file as 32K in size (if a new game is started from Gameboid and there is no .sav file already present in the directory). This is not compatible with the VBA-M saves that are 64K in size.

In VBA-M, if I select SRAM + Flash (128K), it still saves as 64K. These 64K size saves can be *read* properly by Gameboid, but they cannot be saved to. Any attempts to save will simply not work; the game will not crash or anything, but the save will just not be overwritten.

Attempting to load the game with the 32K savefile in the same directory via VBA-M results in VBA-M overwriting the save, even though it can load from it properly.

Is this something that can be resolved relatively easily? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Seems we are creating a 64K Sram file whether the game actually needs that much or not. by the looks of FE it only needs 32K
Thanks for the reply. I did apply an English patch to this game using IPS-Win. Could that be part of the cause?
No, this game uses SRAM in any case.

Seems we are creating a 64K Sram file whether the game actually needs that much or not. by the looks of FE it only needs 32K
OK. Now when can we expect a fix? Would this be prioritized at all?
there are worse issues that still haven't been fixed heh.... but a hex editor and trimming off the extra 32k should work
Hm. That would have to be done every time I want to switch around saves right?
i can ask mudlord to wrangle up a suitable tool.
Awesome! Please notify me when that becomes available Smile
I made an account just to post this thank you to both killazys, for making this topic, and Squall Leonhart, for providing the answer.

I had a similar situation as killazyz. I found that Gameboid 2.4.7 could only read Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones .sav files created from VBA 1.7.2, but could not make new game saves.

Taking Squall Leonhart I used Hex Workshop to delete the last 32,768 bytes of data (they were all 00s) of the .sav file that VBA created, and it worked! Gameboid can now create new game saves.
made an account just so i could post this.

I've been playing Pokemon Fire Red in GameBoid and wanted to move my gaming experience to my pc in VBA.

Using Gameboid ver. 2.4.7
and VBA according to file properties and according to the file name.

settings in gameboid are automatic

and VBA are automatic and 128k.

i copied the rom and .sav file from the sd card and pasted them together on my pc. changed the .sav extension to .sa1 and opened the .gba file. reverse to go back to Gameboid. not sure if this will work with other versions.
an account to post about emulators unrelated to this project?


we don't -ever- provide releases named like that.
I believe I found the answer. Now, I could not find a way to literally take gameboid saves and transfer then and have gameboid read those saves, BUT, I did find a way to take a direct rom copy (with in game saves) to transfer and use on a new device. So for example, Fire Emblem 6/7 can hold up to 3 saves within the in game data correct? Using this knowledge, all you need to do is make sure you have the GBA save type saved as flash 128kb within the "other settings" submenu in the settings menu. Once you have done this, simply find the winrar file for fire emblem and find another file with the same name as the fire emblem apk file, but this file should be listed as a .SAV file. For example...

Fire_emblem_fuuin_no_tsurugi_v1.0.zip (This is the winrar file)

Fire_emblem_fuuin_no_tsurugi_v1.0.sav (This is the save file)

Copy them from your old phone, to your PC, then transfer the PC copied files onto your new phone. Open up fire emblem and you'll have the in game save files with the exact chapter that you're on. Now to make sure it saves from where you want it to, either complete the chapter and save it on any location of the 3 saves in game or end your turn in game and check what time the file was modified (hinting that it saved) to see if it did save when you ended your turn. Hope this helped a little bit.
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