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Full Version: Disable PowerManagement Option
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I would like to suggest an option to keep screensaver/screen timeout/sleep mode from coming on like Zsnesw, Epsxe, Mame, etc.

P.S. Forgive me if I've asked this before here, it's hard for me to keep track with all the emus out there.
The emulator already prevents the screensaver from coming on.

LRESULT MainWnd::OnMySysCommand(WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
  if(emulating && !theApp.paused) {
    if((wParam&0xFFF0) == SC_SCREENSAVE || (wParam&0xFFF0) == SC_MONITORPOWER)
      return 0;
  return Default();

However, Most applications that prevent the screensaver from coming up trip up on a change microsoft introduced in Windows XP SP3 that has carried over to Vista and 7, that is; "on resume, display logon/welcome screen" is checked, the Screensaver will run regardless of the applications capability for preventing the screen saver.

Quote:"Microsoft Windows Vista and later: If password protection is enabled by policy, the screen saver is started regardless of what an application does with the SC_SCREENSAVE notification—even if fails to pass it to DefWindowProc."
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