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Full Version: Sound and Throttle Issue
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I seem to have a problem with my emulator. I am currently using VBAlink version 1.8, however, I need have a previous version (version 1.72) because switching emulators would fix the problem, but that wasn't the case.

Anyway, I don't know if my problem is unusual or if I did anything wrong, but no matter what I game I play, the speed up toggle function doesn't turn off. It has to do with sound....somehow.

For whatever reason, whenever I have the sound muted/off the game increases its speed between 247-405%. When I turn the sound back on, it goes back to normal speed.

To troubleshoot the problem, I adjusted the frame rates, played with the sound settings numerous times, and even reset the emulator about 10 times. I eventually thought that rebooting my entire computer would have done the trick, but that has also proven futile. As mentioned before, I also updated my emulator, but that also did nothing.

I hope that I can find assistance for this strange occurrence, but if all else fails, I guess I have to work my way around it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post.
Sorry, that version is not based off any of our work.

you could give 1030b a try in the downloads section
I thought the projects were the same, I guess it's better if I use your guys' work then.

Thank you, I'll do that.
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