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Full Version: Game linking and audio
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Hello all.

I decided to give Four Swords another shot, using VBA-M and taking advantage of the default HQ filtering. While enabling the link, I notice audio problems, like a stuttering noise. The game doesn't appear to be slow, but I can't be arsed to play that way.

My CPU is 2.4 GHz dual core, so I'm pretty sure I can handle at least 2 players. When I unclick "Enable GBA Linking" the audio returns to normal. I'm using Xaudio.

Could someone assist me? I would really like to play with the enhanced graphics.
what are your audio settings
I've decided to with b180.

But they are the default settings.I noticed it happening with b103 as well.
The one made long ago, like in 06-07. VBA 180 with the original link support.

Turns out it too, has those filters.
your cpu is the 4600, running 2 instances of vba-m with HQ4x filtering might be a tad heavy when simulating the link sockets
I even tired it without those and with the default settings and it still produces the same thing.
do you have the AMD Dual core optimiser installed?

otherwise its probably the Cool and quite glitch on the X2 processors.
I think I uninstalled it since I have Windows 7, which I heard is irrelevant on 7.

But Cool N Quiet is enabled.
Actually, since 7 defaults to using TSC, the optimiser would definitely help things
But you can also force HPET enabled which should be more accurate than TSC

if you add userplatformclock to bcedit (bcdedit /set useplatformclock true)
then it would use the HPET timer, which Vista did by default.

the optimiser helped on XP by forcing the use of the power management timer.
Um...I ran bcdedit through "run" but it closed quickly.
do it via task manager instead, if you click show processes from all users button you get a run as administratir check box in the task manager File>Run dialogue
It still went by quickly.

Do I run like this? "bcdedit /set useplatformclock true"

Even like that, it ran by quick.

EDIT: Btw, the BIOS already says that HPET is enabled.
Bios might say it is enabled, but windows will still use TSC's 3Mhz clock by default.

the HPET clock is 14.3838mhz

you can use WinTimerTester1.1 to see if its set to the HPET timer, changing the platform clock setting requires a restart though
Query Performance Frequency is 25.00000MHz.

What the hell does this program even do?

EDIT: nevermind, figuired it out. Operation was succesfful. PC feels a bit faster now, though it could be my imagination.
25Mhz is the main clock generator on a Athlon X2
on these processors this clock can adjust with the rest of the processor frequency so application performance can be out of whack as the clock rate changes.

with HPET enabled, it should be running at 14.31818
Hmm, well things feels smoother and faster now, don't know if that fixed anything though. What version do you recommend for linking? The problem I have with VBA M is it doesn't store settings for 2 separte VBAs.
only vbam 1030b is link capable, the person who implemented linking in that has been missing for some time

his version of vba-m relies on the fact you should be using input 1 for the first instance and input 2 for the second
I think I'll stick with the one from 06-07, just because it stores settings for more than 1 emulator.

But the advice you gave me seems to have helped speed up Dolphin some. And my PC as a whole, so thanks. Guess you're not so bad after all, considering how many forums you got banned from lol Badger
Yes, only this version works for me.
But the link is very instable.
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