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I can't get the rumble settings to show for my 360 controller...
common class drivers do not support force feedback

use mudlords n64input http://vba-m.com/forum/Forum-n64input
Rumble works for me :3
what controller do you have Tongue
madcatz wired 360

was gunna install them Japanese drivers, but didn't and it works
what drivers are you using? XBCD?

the microsoft drivers don't support rumble on Dinput
AFAIK I'm not using any, but I may have installed some without knowing XD

What I do is use Xinput, then go to the expansions tab, select rumble (but don't select a controller), and it works XD

no rumble from nrage with the common class drivers
You saying it doesn't work for you?
you must have downloaded Mori's xinput forcefeedback module
Perhaps, idk could you show me a link?
his page is long gone, but the Microsoft drivers don't register a forcefeedback dll and nrage doesn't support xinput rumble
Well I did try to install them, I believe, but I thought they failed, also I thought that you still had to select the controller.
I think you configure the controller first with any other plugin then use this one for force feedback, it always crashes the emulator when I select it but it does staty selected when I boot back up PJ64.

Nice to finally feel the rumble. Though the only emulator I can't seem to get rumbling in is ePSXe and NullDC.

I suspect I need some drivers that allows force feedback but the XBCM thing or whatever didn't recognize my controller. (Gamestop 360 controller)
thats because both of these use Forcefeedback, not Xinput rumble

Theres a support request section for unsupported controllers btw....
I guess ExtremeDude2 doesn't remember me showing the striking resemblance between the old webpage:

And this new one I found:

As for the "real deal", I really don't know anything about this force feedback / driver bullshit. If I need anything past on-screen rumble I have enough equipment on me for that already XD.
lol, I said that I tried those, but I thought they failed to install.
It's the same shit.

If one copy doesn't work, the other doesn't.
If one copy does work, the other does.

What is that, like, the Transitive Property of Equality or something?
Logic, whatever. No need to get all pessimistic about it. Tongue
I'm also having trouble getting my 360 controller to work. I downloaded the XBCD drivers as instructed in the Troubleshooting Rumble section of the included documentation of the N-Rage plugin, however, whenever I test rumble in N-Rage (V2 2.3b), Project 64 (both 1.6 and 1.7) crashes. Testing rumble in the XBCD Setup Utility works for both activators. I am using a standard wired XBOX 360 controller (hardware ID: USB\VID_045E&PID_028E). I've also confirmed that rumble doesn't occur ingame: there is no rumble when a save game is loaded in The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. Am I missing something or is this a software issue?
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