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Full Version: Full Screen Crash on VBA for mac
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I'm not entirely sure if this has be answered yet so I decided to make a new thread. I enabled fullscreen to help me be able to see the full thing only now I can't get out of full screen or even open the preferences bar. It's rather annoying and disappointing, help would be greatly appreciated.
Hey yes. I have this same exact problem too. Only I've had it before on the same mac-- I wanted to enable fullscreen but when trying to reboot, it quits, and while on the rom-selection screen, it won't let me open preferences. I'd redownload the program but it still kept doing it.

I safety reset my mac by pressing shift + ON button a couple days ago, and redownloaded the program. it worked! and kept working. Till i messed it all up by wanting to fullscreen again. :/ worst feeling ever. I can't open the program again. i safety rebooted my comp again. still doesn't work.

hopefully this feedback helps.

I hope this thread gets attention!
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