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Full Version: Classic NES series
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Hello all.

I tried playing the Classic NES series - Zelda on VBA M and the buttons are seriously lagging. It's like my input barely gets recognized. I have to keep pressing buttons and analogs to get them to activate, constantly.

I know people may say "go play them on a NES emulator", but I kind of wanted to take adventage of the filtering modes.
if you were using the official release of vba-m, it contains a vba-over file which has a fix for this

plenty of new emulators support filters though....
I did the vba over fix and it only slows the games down. I did patch them and there was no lag but it sounded and felt like there was FPS drops.
You did "what" vba-over fix?

the ini file should be copied from the version included in the sourceforge downloads and placed in the same folder as the emulator executable

Its the mirroring setting specifically that fixes it.

However, the Slowness is not a bug, its accurate emulation of a poor nes to gba port, many NES ports to the GBA experience this issue
I made the ini myself but hmm. That's really too bad.

Guess I'll play BS Zelda then.
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