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Full Version: If JKKDARK was in the next room of your house...
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... what would you do? Msn_tongue
Wonder how it got there.
Then wonder when I got a house Smile
...It's not that easy to get into my house....

But if you did manage to get in I would press the panic button and if you were still here when the cops arrived well...I am sure you can guess what would happen from there onwards...

South Africans don't take kindly to strangers in the house...you also look pretty weak in pics I have seen of you...so I would probably also beat the crap out of you with my hockey stick (I don't mean ice hockey...I mean a big wooden stick used for hockey played on astroturf) ... or my whip like object which is not a whip (it's some South African thing)...or alternatively I could just shoot you...

Or considering that I know that you are german we could just have a conversation in german...
well, you see, on my wall is a samurai sword in a glass display case.

the rest..... well......
I'm German, so of course I'd say "Willkommen" and right after that I'd invite you to some computer game on my LAN Smile
Spacy you're german aswell?

The web is like full of germans, australians and americans XD
im a quarter German!

Guten Morgen!
Squall....I have seen your german at ngemu....best you quit before you burn our eyes and ears out... Tongue
bad translations via a script im working on Tongue
HEY I'm not american North American Maybe but I'm pure blooded Canadian Tongue
Yeah...but I seem more of the other 3 than canadians...the next category after the top 3 is candians, brits and brazilians.
Could be related to us rich-country people having too much free time ^^"
JKKDARK Wrote:... what would you do? Msn_tongue

Personally, I'd sick my 80 pound dog on you. She's quite fast when she wants to be, and doesn't like other people. At. All.

My other two dogs would probably join in, especially the small Lab/Pit Bull/Whatever the fuck her dad is. Her jaws are frigging wired to go off. When she was a young puppy, her jaws would blur when eating/playing. Seriously.

I'm very well protected. </huge e-dick>

Schumi to JKK Wrote:you look pretty weak in pics I have seen of you...so I would probably beat the crap out of you with my hockey stick

Quoted. JKK must feel so loved now Tongue
I'd put on my anti-aids/jkkdark suit and proceed to remove you from my house because I'd have no idea WTF you were.Fight
First of all I would greet you and then ask you nicely to get the hell out of my house unless you ask to come over or where dying of a Gunshot wound or something crazy like that Smile
well this thread died
yeah... I'm going to agree with you on that... Violin
mission scare jkkdark off was a grand success.
I would take the time to refertilize my garden.
Always looking for new blood.
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