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Full Version: Unknown Device (Code 43)
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I'm having some problems getting XBCD 0.2.7 working on Windows 7 64-bit using an original Xbox Controller S. It only shows up as Unknown Device and under properties it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I have followed the instructions as far as removing old versions and such as well as using Run as Admin when installing and have not had much luck.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can try to get it working?
Did you mod the connector to usb yourself?
Nope I bought it from eBay. I have used it on a couple of other devices as well.
look in device manager
under usb controllers

Generic USB Hub with USB\VID_045E

if no such hubs are present, the device is either not wired correctly, not getting enough power (try a powered hub or the hubs on the back of the machine) or is faulty.
Thanks for the info. I ended up getting it working somehow. I had applied some Windows Updates and so I restarted and it still showed as Unknown Device. I then tried connecting it to my other computer to verify the USB Hub with USB\VID_045. When I went back and plugged it into another USB port it detected a hub and then the controller.

Thanks again for your help.
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