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Full Version: Select/Use Filter Plugin greyed out
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Posting as I can't find any documentation on this - I'd love to use shaders, but how? Those two options are greyed out.

Oh - and separate but related, the pixellate filter is great for getting an authentic gameboy look, but it makes the image so dark. Is it possible you could add a simple menu option to jack the brightness up 50% or so (like Kega Fusion)?

rpi filters go in the filters directory and are not available when multithreaded d3d is enabled
Awesome, thanks for your help.

Don't suppose you can direct me to a massive repository of RPI filters now can you? Tongue
wait.. my bad, they go into the plugins subdirectory
Awesome - thanks. Finally (honest), how about a simple brightness boost option (like Kega Fusion)? Would make filters like the pixellate one much more usable.
thats why your video card has picture controls in its control panel.

trying to minimise the amount of controls in the ui as it is :<
Understood, and thanks again for all your help.

Do you know someone capable of writing RPI filters who might be willing to help customize one of the current ones?
rpi filters are compiled, only a handful of people (Kega, Mudlord, Hylian) and maybe some others know how to use it.
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