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Full Version: It just won't work
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So i followed the thread "XBCD Installer no longer required" and embedded it in my drivers.

I can now entirely play Bionic Commando. But if i want to remap some controls the Xbox 360 Controller is shown grey and i get a "bleep" everythime i do sth.

In Max Payne 3 i couldn't map the triggers erthing else works. Btw Vibration doesn't work either anywhere even after selecting it as a fav controller.

Is there any possibility to remap the controller without getting error sounds and being able to see which buttons i push. Just like when you run the configurer with the windows driver...

This really pisses me off but i dont want to drop it before i know that i cant do anything and do nothing wrong

Am using it on W7 64 btw.

EDIT: Using Wired Original 360 controller
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