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Full Version: Hori Soul Calibur V Arcade Fightstick for Xbox 360
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This is currently the cheapest and best-selling of the Hori sticks on Amazon.

[Image: FvhYq.jpg]

[Image: 4SGZD.jpg]

[Image: kCOeL.jpg]

[Image: WA9P4.jpg]

In the device manager it's listed as "Xbox 360 Controller for Windows" and shows the hardware ID /w that same name.
In the Devices and Printers panel of Windows 7 the controller is called "Rap.NX"

An update or workaround would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
im slowly working my way towards 0.2.8, as posted elsewhere

till then, you can follow one of the many to find driver modification guides and get it working
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