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Full Version: rpi plugins in Linux
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how do you add the rpi plugins in the Linux version as I want to use the HQ4X filter, this is the only reason why I'm still runnging VBA-M in wine
there should already be an optimised hq4x filter compiled in
anyway to select it in gtk, because I can't find it in the filters list, I only see it in the command line
are you using a recent revision? those filters should all be available in the interface now
I'm using SVN 1147, I just compiled it with wxWidgets and found it in wxvbam, but not gvbam. also I think the emulator is getting slower since the Linux version of SVN 1147 is slower than the Windows version of SVN 1097, even in wine, either that or the Linux version just isn't optimized very well.
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