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Full Version: Enhanced Music & SFX with SGB games in VBA-M
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when I play super game boy games with enhanced music and SFX, there is none. Some games have no music, only SFX. But games with enhanced SFX, again, nothing.

please can you make this feature possible?
if you dont hear the music maybe you have a problem with direct x audio or try to update your direct X to the latest first, the other try the differents audio setups the OpenAl configuration works fine for me with the super gameboy games my latest advice would be try to get differents emulators not only one and the last but not less important try to test this with different svn versions for exmaple in some game i use the normal visalboy advance in the latest svn
is the emulator set to SGB/SGB2?

if not, the game will be run in GBA mode.
yes, it is in SGB/SGB2 mode. I even turned on the borders.

all the games with custom music and SFX on Wikipedia's list of SGB games do not have them.

here is the list from Wikipedia:

List of Super Game Boy Games - Wikipedia
ok, probably has something to do with not having the SGB apu emulated properly.
then if that's the case, what should I do? is there any way to fix it or should I wait for the next version of VBA-M?
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