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Full Version: XBCD+Steam big picture
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Does anyone has managed to make steam big picture with a xbcd controller? i've tried using x360ce but still doesn't detect my controller as far as i know the problem resides that steam big picture detects only xinput native controller, any suggestions?

Btw im using a xbox controller S and win 7 x64
x360ce cannot be used with big picture as the relevant xinput dll is replaced when you start steam again

DirectInput controllers are supported, you just need to remap some buttons.

Click the Cog/Gear to enter settings (near the top right), click controls and remap the buttons there.
When I enter at the controller option in setting appears "Controller not detected"
sounds like you've placed the xinput dll in the same folder as steam.exe

this will block the control from being detected.
yup I had x360ce in steam and bp folder i deleted and now it detects my controller.
Thank you very much for your help!
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