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Full Version: Your work is appreciated.
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First of all I would like to say it is good to see that there will be more development of a wonderful emulator.

I do however have a quick question, I am relatively new to linux(running fedora core 8)
and wanted to change over my emulators, I have gotten the last version of vba that was released to run, however i have found no way to implement the fix for pokemon games (ie. VBA-over.ini) on linux, if any one knows how to solve this It would be greatly appreciated, and if it is unworkable, that would be good to know too.

I do realize that in this really is out of place asking about an obsolete piece of software but i figured this was a semi appropriate area to ask it in, again thanks for any help provided.
Well nach should be able to answer this if he ever comes on as he is one of the main developers for the linux version
Hmm ... the *current* linux version of VBA-M (SDL port) looks for vba-over.ini (must be lowercase) in the following places (in this order):
- current working directory
- $HOME/.vbam (new in VBA-M)
- /etc (new in VBA-M)
- all directories in $PATH
- the executable's directory (where the vbam binary is)

I assume your problem is that you are using a file named VBA-over.ini - rename it to all lowercase.
Thanks for the advice it now works just fine, one other thing I have noticed is that i have problems loading battery files, the problem being it dosent load it at all, now if i delete my battery files for my games, it makes new ones and those load, but i can't seem to load any battery files into my linux copy. So what is the dealio, do the versions save in different battery file format, and is there any fix for it.

Thanks again.
I don't know about different versions saving battery in different formats ...
but I know that:
1) different *ROMs* have different *correct* battery format
2) vba-over.ini should specify the correct one for most known ROMs
3) different versions of VBA *might* autodetect differently (that only applies if the ROM wasn't found in vba-over)

As far as I can tell, battery saved with the wrong format should be "broken" no matter which version of VBA you use (or whether you use vba-over when loading).

IOW, I can't help you with this =)
Well i figured out my mistake i was using the wrong save battery, i changed the save directory in windows and forgot. >.< well thanks for the help, and i look forward to trying the qt4 version when its more complete.
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