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Full Version: Microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Controller (for PC)
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Owning the mentioned Microsoft XBOX 360 Wireless Controller (for PC), I stumbled upon XBCD. After many trials & errors I discovered that it has no support for said controller.
On many forums I've seen people asking about XBCD's support for this controller and I'm quite surprised to see no request made here. Are you planning to support this controller?

If you do have such plans, I will do whatever I can to assist you, as I suspect you do not own this controller. I could send you values from a USB monitoring tool, hardware ID's, etc, etc.
The exact look of my controller is as pictured:


Yes, it has black thumbsticks and D-Pad. I think it's the later model (than the one with gray parts), but not the latest (the newest one has the transformable D-Pad).
Generally speaking, it's the most common one for PC, most stores sell this model packaged with the PC receiver.

As for the HID's, in the device manager I only see the Wireless Receiver and a new "HID game controller" upon connecting with the HUB.
Attached are screenshots of the "Hardware Ids" view (as instructed) both of the receiver and controller.

Are there plans to extend support for this controller?
Is there anything I can do to help?
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