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Full Version: E-reader support for VBA-M?
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As the only GBA emulator available with linking support to Gamecube emulators, is it possible that e-reader support could be added for the games that support Gamecube linkup, in particular the cards that do not work without a certain game such as the Japanese versions of Animal Crossing and Pikmin 2?
Probably not.

It requires interaction with the dolphin developers, which is rather grating.
What about e-reader support just for the GBA emulator? A way for one to scan dotcode cards, like those found on the web in various places. That way you can use the e-reader cards to play some games, or transfer events to other GBA games.

Something like this is found in No$gba or a modified version of VBA 1.7, though it apparently only works when you have an e-reader rom as well, which is understandable because the reader itself is commercial hardware and software. Why not find a way to put it in similar to what No$GBA or the vba1.7 has, the latter I can provide the link to. The download of the modified VBA 1.7 has the program and the source files for the ereader function.


Note: I can verify that it does work on both emulators, though it requires the e-reader software. However, they don't have linking capabilities.

Note2 (Funny thing): I just noticed that these 3 posts were made at the same time, not counting the AM or PM. On my computer, it says 6:57
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