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Shared hosting sucks bawlz.... - Xtreme2damax - 09-20-2008 03:43 PM

So I got into a small argument on my hosts forum about setting up a torrent tracker for legal/open source files.

So I was told that the TOS prohibited it, so unsure as to why I asked for an explanation. No one was able to provide an explanation and told me to submit a ticket.

I find support tickets a waste of time, as most of the time you are issued a spoonfed or general scripted response. Only time tickets are really useful is if you get you're account hijacked.

I still have a few unresolved issues on my account that support failed to fix despite me providing an in depth technical description of the exact problem I was experiencing.

My account went sour when I performed a full directory backup, modified the backup by adding some files to it, then tried to upload it. When I uploaded it, I got a time out error and botched my account.

Luckily I was able to get everything back to semi working again. Since then I am unable to run cron jobs properly, empty my trash in Cpanel, change my Cpanel password, access some features of Cpanel and get errors when logging into my mail in Cpanel.

Despite explaining this in depth to their support team, filling several tickets, the issue still is not completely resolved.

Although that has nothing to do with the original subject of this thread. I don't understand why the disallow the use of trackers, it's not like torrents are illegal, in fact they are quite legal as long as you don't share any copyrighted or illegal material.

I have seen things about possible resource issues before, but I honestly can not see how a simple PHP tracker script can cause any resource issues compared to a PHP/MySQL forum script.

Bandwidth is essentially a non-issue since bandwidth mostly comes from peers internet connection and not the server itself.

Anyway sorry for the rambling, I am just quite confused on this whole thing, I hope this topic won't cause any trouble being posted here and am sorry if it isn't allowed.

RE: Shared hosting sucks bawlz.... - Squall Leonhart - 09-20-2008 04:07 PM

its the legal connotations, that most hosts worry about.

though hosting a tracker does eat a fair amount of bandwidth as well since they are used to connect peers to peers and seeds to peers.

RE: Shared hosting sucks bawlz.... - Xtreme2damax - 09-20-2008 04:16 PM

I would go dedicated, however it is expensive as hell for dedicated hosting. But what I am trying to find out is how much more would a tracker eat up compared to a forum script like Vbulletin, IPB or Mybb?

While I understand that some hosts may worry about legal issues, I am unsure if this is the reason behind the decision or if it's resource related.

I apologize for posting such a thread, I didn't feel comfortable posting it at Ngemu or other emulation networks, and if traffic/activity was better at my forum I would of rather posted it there.

It's probably no big deal anyways and I'm worried for nothing, I just don't want to cause any conflicts by posting something like this here.Banana_cool

RE: Shared hosting sucks bawlz.... - mudlord - 09-21-2008 10:35 AM

Quote:But what I am trying to find out is how much more would a tracker eat up compared to a forum script like Vbulletin, IPB or Mybb?

Not much.

Like the idiots administrating Ngemu, your hosters have zero clue.
Seriously, try and acquire dedicated hosting, or find a better shared provider.