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So you need help with vba-m, have issues you want to report.
Well this is what you want to read.
Support will not be given in private message. We have a forum for this. We also have a bug tracker on github for this as well

Oh and if you want support for something that is labled SVN. don't bother. It's old and we moved to git.

by TheCanadianBacon, Friday, 13 October 2017 12:19 [ Read all ]

VisualBoyAdvance-m 2.0.1

# Changelog
All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on [Keep a Changelog](
and this project adheres to [Semantic Versioning](

## [2.0.1] - 10/11/2017
### Added
- initial installer script
- badge in readme
- 32bit cross compiling support on 64bit linux
- added support for GNUInstallDirs to cmake
- Include new translations from transifex
- Added WxWidgets ABI compiler check
- Add linux Joystick reference to issue template
- Add #include <cmath> fir std::cell()

### Changed
- Fix 2xSaImmx.asm linking issue
- cmake: default to ENABLE_ASM_CORE=OFF
- libretro merging from upstream libretro fork.
- better fix for clipped video in GL Fullscreen.
- Fix flibc crash: add log message on fopen failure
- fix gameboy header-detection in libretro interface
- hotfix for potential buffer-overflow
- delete memory in common/array.h on destruction
- SDL: improve error msg for unwritable config
- SDL: fix deflt bat saving, improve dir checking
- fix portability issue with strerror_r()
- Windows doesn't have sterror_r
- wx/wxvbam: fix GetAbsolutePath
- fix a memory leak due to wrong syntax
- regenerate translation files
- fix errors reported by SUSE's post build linter
- SUSE Lint: fix a few classes of warnings
- let cmake escape -D preproc. definitions
- fix memory viewer xrc on wx 3.1+
- Improving README
- SoundSDL: lock conditional code cleanup
- remove the default F11 keybinding for save state
- hopefully fix resize artifacts on game panel
- soundSDL: write silence when paused
- cleanup SoundSDL #139 #130 #97 #67 #65 #46 #47
- document how to provice symbolic backtraces
- "no throttle" fixes/cleanup
- only use -mtune=generic on x86/amd64
- installdeps: use -j$(nproc) not -j8 in info
- use -fabi-version=2 for GCC turn off LTO
- installdeps: minor refactoring/cleanup
- improve Wx GCC ABI check
- minor improvements for Wx Compile tests
- fix wx ABI check for Win32/MinGW
- installdeps: fedora fixes, including m32
- cmake: wx and cross compiling fixes
- restore wx 2.7 compat, improve string processing
- rename CMakeScripts/ to cmake/
- work around gcc lto wrappers bug with gcc 7.x
- update
- remove doctoc title from TOC
- improve win32 dependencies git submodule handling
- use num cpu cores to parallelize LTO link with gcc
- fix huge app icon in Win volume settings
- fix deadlock in SoundSDL:deinit()
- added executable extension for sdl binary
- default LTO to off on 64bit MinGW
- minor code cleanup
- deps: dont check result of apt-get update
- read version and subversion info from Git
- fix error and version info in shallow git clones
- refactor/cleanup GitTagVersion.cmake

### Removed
- Cairo Renderer: it never performed well to begin with


Tarball source is
Windows Build:
MacOS Build:

by TheCanadianBacon, Thursday, 12 October 2017 12:18 [ Read all ]

VisualBoyAdvance-M GIT Build for MacOS

This is specifically for the MacOS Users, fixes a few things for input, etc.
If you notice any issues go to and report them there

by TheCanadianBacon, Friday, 11 November 2016 10:26 [ Read all ]

Bug Tracker

I'm sure all of you have noticed a new link in the portal related to a bug tracker.

Well the news is this. I've installed a new infrastructure for bug tracking, to access it go to login details at the moment uses github, but I may include other authentication options if the need arises. I'll also will try and properly prioritize things in a better way. In all honesty sourceforge is shit and this new infrastructure will help in not only bringing better organization but also help attract new blood to the project. Already since the move to github we have had various contributions to the project and definitely excited to see stuff flourish.

So if you have any active bugs in sourceforge project site. Please help in moving them to and help us get better organized.

by TheCanadianBacon, Saturday, 06 August 2016 09:45 [ Read all ]

Changes in git etc

So then, sorry for an extremely late update on the improvement plan for vba-m. Been busy with life and job that I haven't gotten round to it properly. However I have some free time.
Part one of the update was to go for a more uniform styling for code, remove some unneeded typedefs etc (which is gonna be a pain to replace with the proper code line, by, line.) But in the end it'll help improve things quite a bit in terms of readability and eventually improvements to the codebase.

So for now until the changes (at least where typedef format is concerned) git is off limits till the change is complete, or unless you're helping out and submitting pull requests.

by TheCanadianBacon, Saturday, 09 July 2016 11:55 [ Read all ]

The future for vba-m

So to cut it short, we still have bit of an edge in gba emulation, I'm proud to say we've done well for a project, e-reader support, debugging support etc. For the most part we are getting pretty close to a 2.0 release. But for 2.0 and beyond, what's going to happen you may wonder?
Well, I know this is what I want to do, and this is what I will be doing for the next couple of months. In a separate branch in the main git repo, I'll be slowly rewriting portions of the emulation cores in vba-m. Namely for readabilities sake but also for the fact I believe the project would benefit from a file by file rewrite, improving the current code to a more modern approach and see if we can get some improvements to what we have and correct some issues along the way. The other goal for the rewrite is also to increase the accuracy of said emulation as well, increase accuracy but also maintain the balance of the speed we currently have. We've come a long way and we owe a lot of thanks to everyone who was part of the team and who are current as well.
It's going to be a long journey but one I think that will make vba-m better for it.

We are going to make vba-m better than ever.

by TheCanadianBacon, Wednesday, 24 February 2016 10:52 [ Read all ]

Forum Recovery: An old backup :(

As some of you may have noticed, a couple of 'wannabe' hackers defaced our forum recently, prunning our member base and modifying a couple of display templates, deleting all the forum categories and boards.

While the posts were all still available in the database, they were not able to be reconnected to recreated boards and were basically lost, which would have more or less meant a fresh start had we just chosen to recreate them.

A backup i had on hand was from 2013, considering the low activity on this forum i chose to restore that and lose the handful of posts and threads made between then and now and recover the lost user accounts.

The defacers gained access to our admin cp via an inactive administrators account, we assume by recreating his email address and logging in with a reset password.

They did make a backup of the database prior to pruning everyone off and as such we have reset everyones passwords, you will be required to make a new one on your next log in.

Thanks to, a mirror of a number of the threads lost are available @

by Squall Leonhart, Wednesday, 06 January 2016 05:45 [ Read all ]

Calling for translators.

This is a calling for translators, we want to support as many languages as we can, current pot file and for gvbam

To make a translation, go to Transifex: and update the translation there.

One can also either use a text editor or use something called poedit please submit translations to this topic

by Squall Leonhart, Wednesday, 06 January 2016 05:29 [ Read all ]

How to build VBA-M from the SVN code in OS X.

Instructions on how to build VBA-M with the wx gui on Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite):

1. Download the latest VBA-M source code (r1389 at this time) to a location (for example, ~/vbam)

2. Install the latest Xcode (6.3.1 at this time) from the Apple developer website or Mac App Store. Requires Apple id (free registration).

3. Install the Xcode command line tools by either downloading from the Apple developer website or typing
xcode-select --install

After it is installed, accept the Xcode license agreement by typing:
xcodebuild -license

4. Install MacPorts from the pkg

5. Open a terminal and install the dependencies that VBA-M needs via MacPorts by typing:
sudo port install cmake
sudo port install pkgconfig
sudo port install libpng
sudo port install libsdl

6. Download the wxWidgets 3.0.2 source code and extract it to a location like ~/wxWidgets

7. In the terminal, change directory to ~/wxWidgets
cd ~/wxWidgets

8. Create a build-wx directory for wxWidgets
mkdir build-wx
cd build-wx

9. Configure wxWidgets for legacy versions of OSX.
../configure --with-macosx-version-min=10.10

10. Build wxWidgets

11. Check that wx-config has been built and installed correctly.

If wx-config returns an error message of "bad interpreter", open wx-config in a text editor and save the file format as UNIX.
vi wx-config
:set fileformat=unix

12. Download the SFML 2.2 source code and extract it to a location like ~/SFML

13. In the terminal, change directory to ~/SFML
cd ~/SFML

14. Configure SFML using CMake

15. Build SFML

16. Change to the directory where the VBA-M source files are:
cd ~/vbam/trunk

17. Use cmake to configure VBA-M.
cmake -DENABLE_WX='true' -DENABLE_SDL='false' -DENABLE_CAIRO='false' -DENABLE_GTK='false' -DENABLE_LINK='true' -DENABLE_FFMPEG='false' -DENABLE_ASM_SCALERS='false' -DSFML_ROOT='<absolute path where SFML was extracted>'

18. Build VBA-M

19. Install VBA-M
make install

If you know how to link SDLMain into the build, let us know so that we can build a command line SDL version of VBA-M.

If you know how to create a .dmg package, let us know.

by Squall Leonhart, Wednesday, 06 January 2016 05:24 [ Read all ]

VisualBoyAdvance-M [svn 1229 MFC] info and download

General Info:
VBA-M is a [Super] Game Boy [Color / Advance] emulator for Windows, Linux & Mac. Here you can get information about the latest development build of the Windows version and download it while you're at it.

Core and code improvements
Improvements to ARM/Thumb ASM (and C_CORE if the given preprocessor is set) that have improved various hardware behavior.
Improvements to Memory access resolving issues with the wrong bytes being returned and fixes to a DMA Fetch that was not behaving properly.

Resolved some issues occuring due to an abuse of opengl, hq3/4x filters now work without colour issues.

Resolved regressions from 1206 and earlier without reintroducing the bugs that were fixed.

Games fixed

Croket 2 - would freeze when walking to the left of the snowman
Jurassic Park Builder/Creator - text would be scrambled
Lufia - scrambled text on main menu after cancelling the load screen
Moto GP - register not implemented
Phantasy Star Collection - text regression introduced and subsequently fixed
V-rally 3 - graphics regression introduced and subsequently fixed
Megaman: Battle network 1-3 and possibly many others - hanging on start. (1204)
Megaman Battlenetwork - freeze (1205)
Mother 3 - Audio fix (1224, 1225)
Metroid Fusion - broken (1225)
Super Mario Advance 2 - screech
Revenge of Shinobi - freeze on black screen starting first mission

Duke Nukem - Hud and menu now work. GBC video emulation needs more work however, the hack used is not correct and might cause issues elsewhere. (1194, 1197, 1206)
Zelda Oracles garbage line at bottom of intro (1206, 1214)

Not a bug

Digimon Racing EU - freezes during intro's
Resolution: Enable Linking, this game checks the serial bus to see if link cable and gba's are connected at start and will not progress if the interface reports a invalid/nulled value.

Links Awakening - Sprite issues when sword beaming and when moving around with chomp
Resolution: Accurate Emulation. This occurs on real hardware and is because the Line/Sprite limit is reached. Other emulators use a hack to show all sprites - we may investigate such a hack in the future but for now this is not a real issue.

Changes in this release:

updates subwcrev and applies minor fixes patch 46
SDL sound code now posts to semaphores no matter what, in case the other side is still waiting after a speedup transition
Rewrote SDL sound synchronization, using a very old patch as a base for some of the changes
Remove useless backup enabled checks in read handlers. Fix illegal halfword and byte reads.
Mother 3 fix, refined to not break Metroid Fusion or hopefully anything else
Changed PCM FIFO refill behavior to only stuff the FIFO with silence if it runs completely empty, which seems to fix the stuttering in Mother 3. From the technical behavior, Mother 3's sound code would periodically set DMA 1 and 2 to reason...
Add tiled rendering define to Android makefiles, too.
Add tiled rendering define - big performance improvement
Fix target output name
Fix build for Android
Disable link by default now that games work without it
updated readme
Sonic Advance 1/2 work now with NO_LINK defined
(Libretro) Fix build
re-adding the fix for zelda oracles
Let's try that again.
revert 1207-1210 as its not really ready for integration yet.
rolling back, it seems there was some more issues than original thought
fix a goof I made with the last commit, this should fix it
just a small revert, old data got mixed in the last commit
libretro merge into trunk, the individual interfaces can still be compiled on their own so the gtk/sdl/mfc interfaces can still work as originally intended. Special thanks to Squarepusher of the libretro team for helping us get this merged
fixes zelda oracles without breaking duke nukem or 007
Implement memory mirrors for SRAM/FLASH. Correctly handle 16/32bit reads from SRAM. Removed unaligned handler for CPUReadHalfWordSigned.
This fixes the colour issue when using opengl and a HQ3 or 4x filter.
Revert changes to the ioReadable table from r1200 which broke Megaman Battle Network series.
normatt was missing from readme
Move the cpuDmaHack assignments into doDMA. (Fixes Croket 2 regression)
Re-added the DMA Prefetch buffer. This fixes Phantasy Star Collection.
another tom harder patch, fixing some warnings in the gvbam and wxvbam
commiting Tim Harders patch for libav/ffmpeg
bring branches into line fixes duke nukem on bgk-link and silences gcc warning on trunk ignore a few more files
Fixed register used in asm.
reduce new lines fix duke nukem cgb menu | in my limited testing this has not regressed any other games.
dirty buildfix for linux, can do it properly later.
Make the asm code increment lsl/lsr/asr rm by 4 if rm is pc. (ASM now passes the armwrestler MOV opcode test)
Fix clock cycles in some arm/thumb opcodes. Implement missing ARM instruction used in the wstein.gba homebrew. Remove cpuDmaHack has it causes graphical glitches in Lufia and incorrectly handles unmapped reads.
revert the > to >> change, fixes regression in loading ppmd 7z files.
couldn't just add a guy who's contributed more in 3 days then anyone has in the last 3 years to the "Contributors" list ;D
some small pvs warning fixes
move around apu reset a bit, doesn't seem to have broken anything
Fix handling of unused memory when reading 16/8 bit data.
Add missing ARM opcode variant strh (w=1) used in several homebrew gba demos (e.g. afire).
removed /D_ST_MODEL/D_SECURE_SCL=0 %(AdditionalOptions) from the vcxproj its redundant in VS2010 and VS2012, and seems to be a source of build errors in VS2012 for some reason.
Make 32bit read out of bounds not get rotated if they are unaligned.
hopefully fixed unaligned reads correctly this time...
Fix yet another oversight in the unaligned read code. Implemented missing thumb opcode (Which is invalid according to gbatek but Moto GP seems to use it)
opps forgot to change change the unaligned 16bit rotate to check against old address.
Fixed unaligned 16/32 bit reads.
update to 2013
fixed nasm props again
commit this and see who complains? [Image: biggrin.gif]
remove c_core from default preprocessors
some changes to how SubWCRev works, resolving build issues when attempting to build from a source tar and adding it back to dependencies. also deletes the wx build folder because its not going going anywhere fast on windows.
more improvements to gba-arm by Normmatt
lets commit the right version of the arm patch this time eh.
Applied fixes to NormMatts r1150 fixes - V-Rally 3 working again Re-added nasm.props to vs2008 build folder + changes to nasm.rules for spaces in paths.
implement ALL of abhoriels patch correctly.
GBA: Revert r1150 since it adds artifacts in (at least) V-Rally 3
NLS: Update translations from Transifex
NLS: Apply native endlines SVN properties
GTK: Apply patch #3524058 - Auto-load/save cheats
GTK: Updated the .desktop file to validate
GTK: Fix "#3598672 - emulated system option in gvbam changes by itself in Linux"
GBA: Fix build
commit abhoriels RSBS and RSCS patch
patch to correct some behavior in arm tests.

VisualBoyAdvance-M SVN1229 (click to download)

by Squall Leonhart, Wednesday, 06 January 2016 05:17 [ Read all ]

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