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    So to cut it short, we still have bit of an edge in gba emulation, I'm proud to say we've done well for a project, e-reader support, debugging support etc. For the most part we are getting pretty close to a 2.0 release. But for 2.0 and beyond, what's going to happen you may wonder? Well, I know this is what I want to do, and this is what I will be doing for the next couple of months. In a separate branch in the main git repo, I'll be slowly rewriting portions of the emulation cores in vba-m. Namely for readabilities sake but also for the fact I believe the project would benefit from a file by file rewrite, improving the current code to a more modern approach and see if we can get some improvements to what we have and correct some issues along the way. The other goal for the rewrite is also to increase the accuracy of said emulation as well, increase accuracy but also maintain the balance of the speed we currently have. We've come a long way and we owe a lot of thanks to everyone who was part of the team and who are current as well. It's going to be a long journey but one I think that will make vba-m better for it. tl;dr: We are going to make vba-m better than ever.
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    So then, sorry for an extremely late update on the improvement plan for vba-m. Been busy with life and job that I haven't gotten round to it properly. However I have some free time. Part one of the update was to go for a more uniform styling for code, remove some unneeded typedefs etc (which is gonna be a pain to replace with the proper code line, by, line.) But in the end it'll help improve things quite a bit in terms of readability and eventually improvements to the codebase. So for now until the changes (at least where typedef format is concerned) git is off limits till the change is complete, or unless you're helping out and submitting pull requests.
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    enable audio sync and vsync
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    Indeed, I keep VBA 1.8.0 beta3 around JUST for Metroid 2 Color. So basically I use that one for Game Boy, and the new VBA-M for GBA, since it runs those better.
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    As for your other topic, Azure Dreams does work - though it hangs on a white screen for a few seconds but i figure since you deleted the thread you worked that out.
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    What device were you installing the xbcd driver on? should be installed on the device under Windows Common Class Controllers Also devices not currently supported in xbcd should be posted to the request forum.
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    What is 34-bit? i only know 32-bit and 64-bit, and x86 doesn't mean 86-bit, it's 32-bit (64-bit shouldn't be written x64 because it confuses people with x86 meanings) If you use 32-bit OS you should use x86
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    wait.. my bad, they go into the plugins subdirectory
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    its a bug in X360CE, i guess. would explain why some games don't rumble properly (since it sends heavy rumble commands to the small motor and low rumble to the large, which would be too weak to even make the large motor spin)
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    unplug the wheel, install the updated xbcd from my skydrive/xtemu and plug back in, the FFB should be available with no need to reinstall the drivers
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    There is definitely an issue with Telefang 2's music. The intro and theme music sound fine, but everything else is a crapshoot. I recorded two examples of the menu music, one from VBAlink (it's the version I happen to use most often) and one from VBA-M. http://wikifang.meowcorp.us/etc/vbalink180b.mp3 http://wikifang.meowcorp.us/etc/vbamsvn926.mp3 It seems to turn this behavior on and off; after one loop it would stop, switching music ingame would start it up again, then it would stop when I opened a VBA menu, etc.