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  1. Load State Crashing

    Please when posting to the forum you choose the correct forum. I've moved it to the correct place.
  2. Links Awakening Pegasus Boot's Issue

    all new release builds are located here https://github.com/visualboyadvance-m/visualboyadvance-m/releases even prior to the site refresh we've kept up with news releases we've done, which means you didn't read. we now are at version 2.0.2 but bookmark that link, it'll be what we use
  3. Username Change

    You sure? email was very similar.
  4. Username Change

    I'm noticing a user DeriLokos2 is that you as well?
  5. GUI Language selection

    It changes with the operating system language default.
  6. Username Change

    Change my username please is what you should be asking. Anyways what do you want it changed to?