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  1. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Happy B-Day Mud and Spacy!!!

    Just wanted to wish a happy birthday to you guys! You guys are what keeps the emulation scene going and without guys like you all, there would be none. Love you guys (in a straight way ). Take it easy and enjoy yourself. Thanks HCR for bringing it my attention.
  2. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Board IRC Client

    Awesome. I just tried it out and it seems cool. Nobody was chatting at the time though.
  3. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Forum staff shifting

    Cool. Thanks! I haven't been active lately because I've been busy, and I've been cutting down on checking up on a lot of forums. I will try to be on more.
  4. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Recruitment of new developers

    I think that we should contact an admin with news posting privilages on NGemu to get more attention to this. Maybe Chrono Archangel, Kirby, or Hard core Rikki.
  5. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Super Moderators

    Hey X2DM! Nice to see you here too!
  6. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Qt GUI feature suggestion thread

    I don't like the whole splash screen thing or the pause thing. Too much going on which makes the emulator look unprofessional imo. Why not just have a hidable/showable status bar at the bottom like Nestopia where all of the status messages will go. I don't like the current in-screen red text method of the status messages. It should be separate from the gameplay completely except when it's in full screen mode.
  7. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Super Moderators

    Any spot that you don't have filled yet. But if I had to pick, then Offtopic/SpamChat and/or Suggestions
  8. TheCloudOfSmoke

    Super Moderators

    If you guys still need people to help around here, I wouldn't mind. I'm still going to do your mothers regardless though...