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  1. vblank

    background keyboard input problem

    I think it is a commercial game.But it does have many bugs... Nevermind,maybe it is this game's problem:angel:
  2. vblank

    background keyboard input problem

    Hi,Squall Leonhart,thanks for your reply. 1.This is what i never think which can solve my problem.. 2.But it is very convenient 3.Can you give me any idea where to modify the source code that can change it.. 4.The game I tested is a chinese traditional game,see its information below.If you can't find it on the internet,I can provide it for you.After you play it for some time,you will find the emulator "crash" accidentally. [attachment=201]
  3. vblank

    background keyboard input problem

    Hi,SCHUMI4EVER. Because I like listening to the game's background music and leave the emulator to run in background,at this time,i would not like the emulator window to receive commands Now I manage to modify the source code of the emulator to achive my goal The problems I posted before is about the emulator's latest version svn947,after I tested the older versions,I find that the second and the fourth problems gone...such as the version svn926.Now I would use this version instead. Thanks
  4. Hi,I'm a chinese.I like this emulator very much.I have some problems. My english is poor,if you can not understand all what i say,please forgive me.:ashamed: 1.If i enable the emulator to run in background,now the emulator is emulating a game,and i let the emulator window inactive,when i hit the keyboard or press the joypad buttons in another window ,the emulator will receive the input message.In my opinion,this is very bad 2.The sound problem in loading a game from a save state,not only the gb games,but also gba games,the sound will disappear partly.The game i tested is Fire Emblem - The Sacred Stones.Load the game from a save state,and the sound will leave playing background music only.The special sound disppeared. 3.The emulator will pause even if i disable the option "pause when inactive" when the emulator window is minimized,i want the emulator to run background when the emulator is minimized 4.The emulator will crash when playing some gb/gbc games,but the vba1.7.2 version do not have this problem... I know this is the Control sub-forum,but i post more than the control problems,if this is not allowed, please forgive me. I have some programming skill,and I hope for the next release of vba-m :msn_grin: Thanks all your great work on vba-m.