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  1. Emscripten cannot do some risky optimizations due to edge/unsafe logic conditions. See making jump tables in JS.
  2. Nice, although Emscripten does not really mean ported. It means you "compiled" it to JavaScript really. I had been working on my own JS GBA emulator, although I've been AFK on IodineGBA (and github in general) for about a month. Also it's not the first: https://github.com/jpfau/gbajs Problem with emscripten is that there are certain conventions that work on the LLVM level that do not work well on the JS level. Low level heap/stack ops often do not play well when compiled via emscripten to js. Not to mention there are many programming conventions fast in C/C++ that are slow in JS that could be substituted with other conventions in JS.
  3. grantgalitz

    Getting Closer to Releasing IodineGBA

    As long as you know this runs native in your browser without any plugins.
  4. Project URL: https://github.com/grantgalitz/IodineGBA/tree/master/IodineGBA We still have to finish out the instruction handling for ARM and THUMB, but the GBA core is there. Once the CPU shit is finalized we'll do a bug hunt for any inevitable first try fails. I'm thinking it'll be done in the upcoming weeks or sooner (Pending my own laziness). Inb4 people bitch about it being entirely in JavaScript. :angel: At least you won't have to worry about it being locked to one OS. :annoy:
  5. Someone reposted the new GUI page of my JavaScript GameBoy Color emulator ( http://www.grantgalitz.org/gamecenter/ ) to http://www.funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/2437061/Gameboy+Color+Nostalgia/ Let's count how many "this shit isn't working for me" (most of these are because they're using IE6), as well as how much meme over-usage we can spot. Edit: It's on the front page of funnyjunk. Edit 2: Goddamn it! (server down message) -