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  1. Universal

    E-reader support for VBA-M?

    What about e-reader support just for the GBA emulator? A way for one to scan dotcode cards, like those found on the web in various places. That way you can use the e-reader cards to play some games, or transfer events to other GBA games. Something like this is found in No$gba or a modified version of VBA 1.7, though it apparently only works when you have an e-reader rom as well, which is understandable because the reader itself is commercial hardware and software. Why not find a way to put it in similar to what No$GBA or the vba1.7 has, the latter I can provide the link to. The download of the modified VBA 1.7 has the program and the source files for the ereader function. http://www.caitsith2.com/ereader/emulators.htm Note: I can verify that it does work on both emulators, though it requires the e-reader software. However, they don't have linking capabilities. Note2 (Funny thing): I just noticed that these 3 posts were made at the same time, not counting the AM or PM. On my computer, it says 6:57
  2. An update to this little thread, as it could be extremely helpful for people running the latest Linux systems and are having trouble. Please not this only pertains so far to Fedora 17 and Ubuntu 12.04 For compiling on Ubuntu, the following commands are required to install the required packages: These will install the dependencies necessary to compile vba-m. The next set of commands will be required for Fedora 17: The required ffpmeg-devel files can only be found on RPMFusion, which is why it's first on the list. After you install the packages, you then follow the instructions from the post above, starting with downloading the source through SVN. This has been tested on vanilla Ubuntu and Fedora systems, installed into virtual machines without any reconfigurations to make them better run inside the VM, so I'm sure this will work for everyone. Even able to compile the wx version.
  3. Universal

    Including all needed libraries into build

    Gotcha. That does explain it. Sadly I have no idea if there are such things as internal libraries on a Linux system. Everything I've compiled had an external library that was linked to in order to run. Only way I know how to compile the emulator so that all the libraries will be provided for it would be compiling to put in an installation package. Those packages would be scripted to search for the libraries and install their packages if not found. That's the only way I can think of that even comes close to what you're asking.
  4. Universal

    Including all needed libraries into build

    Which Linux system are you trying to compile on? There as so many different flavors of Linux, it's sometimes hard to keep track of what you mean. I've successfully been able to compile VBA-M on both Fedora and Ubuntu, from last year to today. I just need to redo my list of things required to make it work, as they still pertain to Fedora 16 and Ubuntu 11.10.
  5. Universal

    Save state hotkeys not functioning on vba-m-gtk-svn1030

    Which means now we have to figure out a fix to this? Great. I can barely understand the code and I'm trying to find out where the input would be read at. So far I've found it's in the SDL sources, but I'm having trouble going any further. Edit: I'm unsure, but it looks like a hotfix would have to be written in that hard codes shift into the emulator. Putting SDLK_RSHIFT and SDLK_LSHIFT directly into the code.
  6. Universal

    Save state hotkeys not functioning on vba-m-gtk-svn1030

    It's not limited to GTK. I just tried wxvba-m svn 1102 and it also loads the savestate instead of saving. Like others, I have to go into the menu and select save.
  7. Universal

    VBA-M for Android

    There was gpSPhone, which is a GBA emulator for the iphone and android, but the iphone version is only for jailbroken devices, and costs even then, while the android version WAS on the Android market, but was removed for unusual reasons. Anyways, one was already made for mobile devices, but you can't get in official ways, and is limited in some functions. For one, it requires the GBA BIOS and has no cheats.
  8. Universal

    Vba-m 1030b link problems

    To keep the fps over 95%, you must have a fast enough computer to handle running 2 emulators at once. Also you must not use the speed up button on either emulator, as that will desynchronize the link as well.
  9. Universal

    GBA games don't run

    Even a windows system inside a Virtual Machine requires an antivirus software. VMware even tells you that. A Virtual Machine is still considered a computer and some viruses could get on there. But that's besides the point of this thread. As for a sandbox mode, that's where it copies the file into an area of the hard drive and makes it believe it's still in it's normal spot. Best place to see this example is http://sandboxie.com/ Still, if other software can't even read the rom data, then it's more than just a problem with the emulator. For all you know, there could be a virus that you non-existant virus scanner didn't see on your virtual machine.
  10. Universal

    GBA games don't run

    Last ideas I have, since I can't think of anything else, is that you could need bios files. I know that it's doubtful you will need those, I'm just suggesting. If you already have those, then if you haven't already, try playing without them. If it still doesn't work, then try switching rendering engines. If that doesn't work, then.... there's no other idea I got.
  11. Universal

    GBA games don't run

    Depending on the archive format, it might require a bunch of different programs, however I would recommend 2 programs that cover a vast majority of archive formats. I won't be surprised if you have one of them already. 7-Zip: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html Universal Extractor: http://legroom.net/software/uniextract Please tell us the format of the archive just in case it's an unusual one and isn't covered by either of those programs. If it is covered by them, but it still doesn't extract, then the downloads were never complete and something has caused you to download either just pieces of the files or even something else entirely. Believe me, I've had that happen on many occasions on a lot of sites that require Javascript and cookies active, and it annoys the hell out of me, so if that is the case, I feel your pain. If it isn't the case, then I don't know what's the problem.
  12. Universal

    GBA games don't run

    There is a chance they did change and you didn't notice. If these files did work before, but now they aren't, and multiple programs are all saying they can't read them, then they did in fact change. Viruses, virus scanner false positives, hard drive errors, file system errors, you name it. If a rom reader says there's no rom info, then they got corrupted and are now useless. Best way to be certain is to get the program that ran it before, and test it. If that says it can't, then it's confirmed to be corrupted and lost.
  13. Universal

    Pokemon ROMs..

    Like I said, they could have been bad dumps that weren't checked out. One thing you might want to do just to test is add in the GBA bios files to test. If it still doesn't work, then in my opinion you have bad dumps of the games. Could be bad downloads, but I still wouldn't find it surprising that the source you got them from didn't bother to check the files to see that they weren't working.
  14. Universal

    Pokemon ROMs..

    I'm not sure where the problem is. There isn't enough information to do much to help. It could be multiple things. You have the game misconfigured, your emulator might not have a necessary file, or your roms could be bad dumps.
  15. Universal

    Is it possible to change the SAV files into sa1 files?

    Just change the file extension from sav to sa1 or sa2. It's still the same data.