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    Clang Formatter

    I know that we have the setup for using it in the git repo, but would it be okay to do a cosmetic commit in which it's just run over all the code? I didn't want to check in such a "massive" overhaul that affects the src directory so heavily and not inform anybody that it was happening or get permission beforehand.
  2. jayands

    C++11 standard and nullptr

    Hello, There are a lot of instances that use NULL as opposed to the shiny and new nullptr. The thing is, though, NULL is typically defined as the number 0, due to C legacy stuff (http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/types/NULL ). I've noticed that sometimes this occurs in the C++ source: static int(ZEXPORT *utilGzWriteFunc)(gzFile, const voidp, unsigned int) = NULL; static int(ZEXPORT *utilGzReadFunc)(gzFile, voidp, unsigned int) = NULL; static int(ZEXPORT *utilGzCloseFunc)(gzFile) = NULL; from what I'm seeing, you probably want nullptr, but that could just as easily need to eval to literal zero, and what's more, it's not guaranteed to be either. And according to Sublime Text, NULL shows up a lot (this is just *.cpp files!): So, besides using nullptr or literal zero in new code, how do you want to handle this? A bunch of individual file commits, or one big overhaul? Also, I personally beleve the C code should still use NULL, because it's defined as a void* there, but that's illegal in C++.