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  1. chinagreenelvis

    Visual Boy Advance-M SVN 1025

    Um. Where are the settings stored? Where is the .ini file? This is really annoying. If you screw up the settings, the program becomes unusable and there is no obvious way to reset them. Please help. Nevermind, I found a previous post where the registry key is described.
  2. chinagreenelvis

    Run in fullscreen via command line?

    Certainly doesn't work for me. No matter what, VBA-M always starts out windowed. This is particularly distressing because I need to run it underneath GameLauncher, and GL won't properly load an emulator if it doesn't start out in fullscreen. Edit: Had to be tricky about it, but I got it to work. I had to alt-esc from the program then close it while it was still nested in the taskbar, otherwise it resets to windowed upon closing. Then I made the appdata ini file read-only, and now I'm good.