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    Problem loading .sav file

    @ Universal Oh man, I didn't use any of the save states, I only use the battery save But I read somewhere online that if you match the name of the game file (eg pokemon_sapphire.gba) to that of the battery save file (eg pokemon_sapphire.sav) you should see a "continue" sign that will allow you to continue your game I got that information from this webpage http://www.fantasyanime.com/mana/ffadventsaves.htm @ Squall Leonhart Sorry, I don't really get you I'm not really familiar with this actually.
  2. waterspiral

    Problem loading .sav file

    I was playing Pokemon Sapphire when I accidentally pressed "F3" which resulted in another loaded game by a previous user. For me, I didn't save the game using the emulator but saved the game using the options provided in the game. I tried to reload the game which I saved by restarting the emulator but to my horror, there wasn't the option of "Continue" but only "New Game" & "Options". I tried changing the .sav file name to that of the .gba file of Pokemon Sapphire but to no avail. Please help! The total time I've been playing that game was nearly 26 hours!! Thanks in advance!!