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    Problems with Battery Sav on MAC

    I know it's probably annoying having to deal with MAC issues, but until I can return to the familiar world of the PC, I might need some help. I'm trying to play Tactics Ogre - Knight of Lodis and Mother 3. I'm playing Knight of Lodis on the original Visual Boy Advance emulator version 1.7.4. I'm too far into it to warrant moving to VBA-M, but I can't save to the battery. It says "Failed to create save data" within the game. I want to be able to save to the battery so I can access quest mode, which requires a save file. I also tried loading Knight of Lodis on VBA-M and it won't save to the battery there, either. Also, Mother 3 fails to save to the battery on both emulators. How can I fix this? I really want to be able to create natural saves -- I only like to use states as back-ups. I've tried using different emulator versions, I've tried moving and recreating the folders. All of the relevant folders DO have permissions. What can I do?