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  1. itoikenza

    please add the "edit" feature that vba-h has in cheats.

    i'm not a programmer,i can't make patches unless you mean provide a working vba-h. if so here...
  2. vba-h has an extra option called "edit" which allows you to actually edit existing cheat codes...
  3. sappy 2006 request: anybody have an already made .xml file containing final fantasy tactics advance's music offsets? GBAATM request: could someone tell me if this works on ffta & vba-m.
  4. itoikenza

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance gs code not working...

    and?... i can't get it to work. could it be the hex editing i did to mp cost and move/name swaps... edit: or it's not compatible with the more recent gba sp codes, the "gameshark" option only works with par v3.
  5. this doesn't work on latest build of vba-m ( i have vista home premium if that matters.) 300 Missions Completed October 31, 2004 2B45CF53CC09 39A671237762 C9CA4D657B20 A284A01FE274 763DDF39E8F8 2157E3C3320E 681FC76DAD65 8280A9BA4A74