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  1. Hot_Violet

    wxWindows port?

    Is there a build with this floating around? I'd be curious to see the comparison as just now I'm using the standard Windows build.
  2. Hot_Violet

    VBA-M Road Map?

    I have to say that I am really impressed by the development of VBA-M. I thought VBA was pretty much dead until I found this gem. Though there is seems to be no roadmap it's great to hear that there is still a desire to refine this project. It's actually the GB/GBC emulation that I had suggestions for but as it's deemed pretty buggy maybe my thoughts should wait for the future... Just as a FYI, my first suggestion was going to be proper Gameboy Camera and printer emulation. But I see that's probably a little 'pie in the sky' just now.
  3. Hot_Violet

    VBA-M Road Map?

    Well, is it acceptable for a noob to make suggestions in that case?
  4. Hot_Violet

    VBA-M Road Map?

    Hiya. I was just wondering if you guys have a road map with regards to the future development of VBA-M? And if you do would you consider sharing it with the public, at all? I love my GBA and I love the fact that I can play my games on my laptop with a full size controller. I'd just like to see where the emu's heading...