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    It's all clear for me now. I think we should remove Throttle option unless you have reasons to keep it. And I will design the Video Zoom option as generic Zoom In, Zoom Out, Default Size 1:1 so I hope it is not too hard for you to modify the code. I am still working on putting all options inside a Preferences dialog, I will post the mockup on sf.net. About the Video rendering, on my IBM X41 (Centrino 1.5Ghz, 1GB RAM, 915 onboard gfx), the OpenGL suffers low fps (average 9fps), the Cario is around 30fps *still lag*, the XV is the smoothest with avg 60fps. And you know what, I think you should also have an option in configure script so user can enable/disable OpenGL until gtkgl is fully merged in libgtk branch *speaking of ... GTK developers...painful slow...* You have a valid point. But I reassure with you that GNOME HIG has some valid points too. Like MacOS, they aim to make app with most used features visible, the rest requires more steps or configuration. That philosophy applies to GNOME too. I myself do not endorse the messy, too packed KDE apps (though KDE 4 has made some improvements, for eg. Dolphin is much simplistic compared to the Konqueror). Saying so, I understand the importance of balance between basic usability and advance usability. I will post up my mockup work and let's discuss, shall we? That's the power of open source
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    General Issues and Todos....

    I would like to add in more issues: - Cairo video backend does not properly render the gfx - Filters does not yet work with Cairo and OpenGL backend - An suspicious warning ** PortAudio : buffer underflow **
  3. to muddlord: Can you also please provide the GTK, Qt and SDL version for downloading? I believe I would attract more attentions from the Linux community.
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    to bgk: I have just finished my thesis and now free to do some hacking on GUI HIG. There are few questions I would like to ask you before I start working on the mockup: 1. What is Import and Export Battery Files? (File -> Import / Export) 2. Is 6x is the maximum aspect ratio zoom? Can it zoom in further than that? 3. Can you explain to me how Frameskip and Throttle work? 4. Do you think we should have GDB tools optionally? (configure script before compilation to disable/enable the feature) 5. Can we use icons listed in fd.o's icon naming spec? (I am not sure if we are just using only GTK+ stock icons or not) 6. Would you think to fork another version to take full advantage of GNOME environment? eg. Help feature (GNOME 2.13.3 will have open_uri API that no longer require GnomeHelp API), etc 7. What do you think of the users? Do you consider the users as normal users who only care about Play/Pause rather than turning off/on layers, or configuring advanced options? (This is important for productivity mockup style) 8. According to HIG, the ROM load stats (like %, fps) should not be placed in the Title Bar, what do you think of a Status bar? 9. Screenshot capture always capture 1:1 ratio size, won't it possible to capture the current aspect ratio of the main window? Cheers, P/S: the Cairo video rendering mode is cool but the color is not really correct, hope you already get noticed this issue
  5. I am not a coder myself but I learned from BgK that VBA-M is now not very clear in abstraction as the core and frontend is not separate from each other. By having a clear abstraction model, the core can be developed into libvbam upon which the frontend (GUI, console, etc) can be built. This gives flexibility in porting vbam to other platform. Qt,GTK,SDL,etc <---> libvam
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    Hello everyone, I am new here, though I am not new to VBA. I have a suggestion bug filled on SourceForge page: Enhancement for GTK GUI I hope that the team still take use of the SourceForge bug tracker. If I could help out on anything related to usability (non-coding work), I am willing to help. Cheers,