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  1. AutoFire

    wxvba-m 1159

    Okay, 64-bit build is working, but I can't alter Game Boy settings—opening the dialog causes an error, and changes made to the settings can't be saved.
  2. AutoFire

    wxvba-m 1159

    No luck—I installed the latest VS 2010 runtimes (both x86 and x64), and got the same results—x64 version crashes with no error message when launching a rom, and the x86 version doesn't even run at all.
  3. AutoFire

    wxvba-m 1159

    You weren't kidding when you said they were "experimental"—they don't work. The 64-bit build crashes (and doesn't even have the decency to throw an error message) when you try to open a rom, and the 32-bit build won't even run in the first place. I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.
  4. Yeah. If you want linking features, compile the bgk-link branch, though be warned: it currently does not do GB/C linking, only GBA.
  5. The change made to the trunk in revision 1180 was never committed to the link-enabled build. I ended up altering the relevant file (gbainline.h) myself after downloading a tarball of the latest revision (1182). EDIT: Also, when compiled and run, the program identifies itself as SVN 0 for some reason.
  6. AutoFire

    Cannot compile bgk's linking build

    It finally built successfully! I used Backyard Baseball to test the linking feature, and it worked successfully (though it would seem my laptop's i7 720 QM processor is too weak to run both instances of VBA-M at full speed when linked—they both slowed down to 60%). Thank you for your help, Squall and Adamn.
  7. AutoFire

    Cannot compile bgk's linking build

    I finally caved and downloaded the trial version of VS 2010 Pro, installed SP1, and VBA-M still failed to compile, with this as the output: I am just about at the end of my rope here. HELP!
  8. AutoFire

    Cannot compile bgk's linking build

    I got the GNU tarball of svn 1170, and I even put it in a directory with no spaces. It still won't compile. I am a total noob when it comes to C++. What now? EDIT: The problem appears to be that I am broke. Searching the internet, it appears that afxwin.h is something that only comes with the paid-up version of VS2010, and I'm using the express edition. Apparently, I'm screwed. FURTHER EDIT: It would seem the afxwin.h is far from the only necessary file the VS2010 EE fails to include. I am definitely screwed; I cannot compile VBA-M on my system because I am too broke to pay for VS2010.
  9. I cannot compile bgk's linking build on Windows 7. Here is the full output of attempting to build in VS2010: What do I do?
  10. AutoFire

    How to uninstall?

    I can't uninstall VBA-M. I am using Linux Mint 13(read: Ubuntu 12.04). I compiled bgk's linking build (only to find that the link functions don't work in the GTK version ><), and now I want to get rid of it so I can get the trunk version from subversion. Problem is, it doesn't show up in the package lists (since it was compiled from source), and 'make uninstall' doesn't work. Help! EDIT: before anyone asks, this is the output in the terminal when I try to get the trunk version currently: FURTHER EDIT: I solved the subversion issue with 'svn switch', but I still have VBA-M's files in my home folder. I want to get rid of them so I can redownload the source into its own folder and not have two copies of VBA-M on my system.
  11. Its really good to see that the VBA project has not been stopped! GBA gaming is still a big thing and personally i would like some more pokemon games to play! One thing I would like to see is more mac support. Because vba for mac is pretty poor at the moment. Get this, and you can use the Windows version of VBA-M with no probs. I use Wine to play with the Win version of VBA-M on my Linux machine, and it (Wine) does exist for Mac OS X.
  12. Squall, I think, mentioned at some point that big things were in the pipeline for VBA-M, so yes: it is still in active development. As for linking, you're just going to have to stick with revision 1030b; my understanding is that the guy who was working on the linking code vanished from the project after that and took his code with him.
  13. AutoFire

    Using vba-over.ini in linux

    I don't see why it shouldn't...it worked for me, using the same version of VBA-M on Ubuntu 12.04. Of course, I prefer to use the Windows version via Wine, where vba-over.ini does work. It's a bit slow with GBA games, but I'm willing to chalk that up to my netbook's 1.66 Ghz x2 processor not quite being up to snuff.
  14. Does that change in r1090 mean that I can use r1097 to link, or do I still need to use r1030b?