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  1. Cyrez

    VBA-M crashes at startup

    Translation: Get a binary that's compiled properly. :banana:
  2. Plain and simple. This section is for issues, feature requests, comments, etc. FOR THE FORUM ITSELF.
  3. Cyrez

    Cheat Database Discussion

    That was my idea all along... I just used Pokémon as an example because I figured everyone reading would get the reference. :banana_cool:
  4. Cyrez

    Cheat Database Discussion

    The problem with that system is that you have to manually load the one you want or else deal with the overhead of parsing all those little files every time you start up. If it were me, I'd use a bunch of XML files. It'd be a lot like Squall's suggestion but with a slight twist which is that shared data would be loaded separately. This will decrease the amount of space needed for, let's say, the GameBoy Pokémon games. The encounter codes use Pokédex number converted to HEX. Instead of having who knows how many copies of the same data, just load it from the individual game's cheat file.
  5. Cyrez

    Moderators required

    Forum Feedback and Cheats, I guess. :deal: