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    Core rewrite

    We are really talking about rewriting the complete GBA core before a lot of the features of some forks are included. And VBA-M started as a Merge of all the enhancements of the different forks... funny. But it seems I also have really missed some good development and enhancements the last 6 weeks I was away. Great job, all of you!
  2. MasterPhW

    GB Printer

    IIRC Zelda DX supports the GB-Printer aswell. Tech Documents? I'll see what I can find.
  3. MasterPhW

    Kirby Tilt n' Tumble issues

    Please, do not double post, sometimes it needs some time to get an answer. You could probably use the vba-over.ini, but I don't know whether it fixed the problem. It sound slike a problem with the save type, so please post if it fixed it.
  4. MasterPhW

    error creating save file GTA Advance

    Did you checked whether the folder Battery Saves does exist in your VBA-M directory and/or it's read only? VBA-M does need write privileges to create the file into that folder. And your English isn't that bad, we do understand what you are asking, so no prob!
  5. MasterPhW

    Enabling or disabling GBA BIOS

    That's the reason I suggested a long time ago, to add a bios check, so that we can point the user to the bad bios file, instead of letting them play their games without knowing that they have the wrong file.
  6. MasterPhW

    Enabling or disabling GBA BIOS

    Thanks for the info, we'll look into it.
  7. MasterPhW

    Server problems

    Nearly everytime I check the site, even when I try post! It's really getting on my nerves.
  8. MasterPhW

    Anyone here into speedruns?

    Yeah, rerecording needs a lot core changes IIRC, that's why mudlord didn't included it yet.
  9. MasterPhW

    New protective measures

    These guys really getting on my nerve. I was informed by HCR about all that stuff and had found the time to read over all that stuff and they are reshackers, which claim they add stuff to our VBA-M releases. Even their naming sheme is stupid. They renamed it again and released another new "beta". What nice little suckers.
  10. MasterPhW

    I'm here!

    I really love these Bananas! :banana_confusion: Btw: welcome aboard Chrono Archangel.
  11. MasterPhW

    Random Thread

    I knew, that this would happen!
  12. MasterPhW

    Random Thread

    OMFG! You know, we have JKKDARK aboard... so he'll be the most a┬┤ctive member into this part of the board!
  13. MasterPhW

    Cheat Database Discussion

    Great that you opened this thread. We really need to get this started, because IMHO the cheat system in VBA wasn't really that great or good, but now we have the possibility to create an impressive database for the Best Multi GB-Emulator available. We don't know yet, but atm we're discussing a PJ64 styled INI system, but don't know exactly. Time will show.
  14. MasterPhW

    Built in cheats

    I could be the cheat master if you like, because I haven't a good position at the VBA-M project at the moment.
  15. There's a guy, which found some gfx bugs in an incredible old build of VBA-M, but forget to point out, which gfx engine he used etc. But he really want to get a response and it seems, that he can't register here, so here's the link. Dunno if the bug(s) still exist, didn't have the game and also don't have time atm. Btw: nice bananas! :banana::banana_cool::banana_fu::banana_silhouette: