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  1. Say something! You don't use SDL version of VBA-M, do you? Comfirm that it wors for you. That would be my system falt or whatever )))
  2. I'm runnig vbam-sdl_1.8.0.1001-1 on GNU/Linux I can play games with my usb-gamepad using old visualboyadvance (as well as zsnes, gens, and any other software) BUT The brand new VisualBoy Advance-M doesn't work with my usb-gamepad. I use the same key numbers (I got them via SDL-Test) Joy0_Left=1000 Joy0_Right=1001 Joy0_Up=1002 Joy0_Down=1003 Joy0_A=1083 Joy0_B=1080 Joy0_L=1084 Joy0_R=1085 Joy0_Start=1089 Joy0_Select=1088 Joy0_Speed=1087 Joy0_Capture=1086 Joy0_AutoA=1082 Joy0_AutoB=1081 The old visualboyadvance _can_ use vbam.cfg so I can play with my gamepad. BUT I don't know why the brand new VisualBoy Advance-M doesn't work with my usb-gamepad... I have to use keyboard to play games... Any suggestions?