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  1. Try using my mod (vba-m svn1030e) https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2vn877z7ducktd/VisualBoyAdvance-M1030e.zip The thread was archived before vba-m forum got rolled back http://web.archive.org/web/20150309103216/http://vba-m.com/forum/Thread-vba-m-r1030e-sourcecode I remember it worked on Four Swords as i was testing the joybus on Four Swords and FF Chronicles, and you don't need bios file anymore for joybus with vba-m svn1030e I also added a few more options to make joybus connection more stable on some games
  2. AdamN

    Breakpoints and Steps with GDB

    The last time i tried to use GDB with VBA-M on windows it cause my GDB to stop responding >.< and i ended modifying the internal debugger on VBA-M svn1030e in order to put breakpoints (by address or value being written/read) to analyze wireless adapter data, but that was years ago, not sure about the latest one. You can checkout checkout the Debugger on VBA-M 1030e (my mod) to see if it's helpfull but i didn't touch the GDB code though it was on archive (before vba-m forum got rolled back) http://web.archive.org/web/20150309103216/http://vba-m.com/forum/Thread-vba-m-r1030e-sourcecode
  3. AdamN

    Four Swords Problem

    Try using this unofficial build https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2vn877z7ducktd/VisualBoyAdvance-M1030e.zip i remember i was able to connect 2 or more GBA controllers correctly on Four Swords long ago.
  4. AdamN

    Settings for Smooth Framerate?

    Shouldn't vsync helped if it's related to refresh rate?
  5. AdamN

    Link isn't appearing below "Options"

    1.72 is too old isn't? you should at least use 1.8 or newer I'm not sure where is the latest version may be here http://sourceforge.net/projects/vbam/files/ You may also want to check here http://vba-m.com/forum/forum-2.html
  6. AdamN

    Slowdowns While Linking With Dolphin

    The issue is related to bottleneck on communication because it blocked cpu emulation while waiting for new data. No matter how high is your spec there will always be degradation in performance trying to simulate raw data transfer with tcp/udp. You can try changing the interval of checking for new data using the unofficial VBA-M svn1030e (i added an input to change the interval and also some other options related to joybus handling) http://web.archive.org/web/20150309103216/http://vba-m.com/forum/Thread-vba-m-r1030e-sourcecode Here is the download link https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2vn877z7ducktd/VisualBoyAdvance-M1030e.zip Shorter interval will cause more degradation (slower performance), and longer interval will cause less degradation (but have higher chance to desync)
  7. AdamN

    grey link function on Loz

    As i remember it worked well on vba-m svn1030e https://www.dropbox.com/s/l2vn877z7ducktd/VisualBoyAdvance-M1030e.zip
  8. My Win10 is getting BSOD more often than my XP though Anyway, i don't think there will be much difference in emulation performance between 32bit and 64bit, but not sure about plugins though. And a 32bit programs can still use 64bit registers with an extra byte in the opcode
  9. AdamN

    VBA-M 2.0.0 beta 2 linking issue

    Make sure you have a very low latency (<1ms) Also, linking using wireless emulation might be better than cable emulation as wireless can transmit a lot more data at once compared to cable which is limited to 4bytes at once, thus lower network overhead.
  10. AdamN

    choppy and repeating audio

    It will be choppy if the performance is under 100% Alternatively, you can use VBA-M svn1030c from my modification, it will make the sound smoother by adjusting the sound pitch to follow the performance (or was it to follow the throttle setting, i kindda forgot :shy: ) with the exception of DirectSound8 (because dsound8 doesn't have pitch setting)
  11. AdamN

    Cannot compile bgk's linking build

    AFXWIN is part of MFC which is not available on Express version You can try to find and installs Platform/Windows SDK (which i heard also includes MFC) from MS site or somewhere else (ie. open source project or something) Or you can try using afxwin.h (and other missing files) from here http://www.cppdoc.com/example/mfc/classdoc/MFC/
  12. AdamN

    Multiplayer Tutorial?

    GB Link on my vbam-svn1030c works for networks isn't? because i don't remember adding GB[C] link support for multi-instance in one computer.
  13. AdamN

    core bug in RSBS and RSCS instructions

    instruction bug is critical as it could leads to other bugs, i hope someone could fix it, including the asm one the last time i found a flag bug it was causing flickering in vrally3 but i forgot which instruction :msn_embarrassed: i wonder if it's the same instruction, i only remember the fix was for asm
  14. AdamN

    High Resolution Tile Replacing?

    If you are talking like one of those feature in PSX emulator where texture/sprite being enlarged using 2xSaI, i don't think it's possible for 2D engine. PSX uses 3D accelarator where the texture/sprite being rendered in 3D so the texture resolution doesn't matter, while 2D engine like GBA rendering method might be affected by the texture resolution (some games might be only rendering it partially if the resolution is bigger that what the game "thinks") and it might be varies on different games (not like PSX where 3D accelerator is the one that renders it on all games) 2D engine usually renders by one-on-one copy for each pixel (so the width and height will be the same), while 3D engine renders based on the triangle/polygon (stretched/shrinked automatically depend on the triangle/polygon size)
  15. AdamN

    Choosing an FPS to play at?

    As i remember i've fix the throttle, autoframeskip and audiosync issue (with throttle) on my VBA-M1030c build, have you try it? The "Show speed>Detail" may shows you 60 FPS but it's actually running at a faster/slower FPS when throttled (based on how fast/slow the picture is, even without frameskipping), you may also want to disable vsync if you want the "actual" FPS higher than your monitor refresh rate. my Auto-frameskipping might not be perfect yet but at least it works better than the original autoframeskipping (skips smoother) Btw, when using throttle in VBA-M1030c also enable audiosync and don't use DirectSound8(DirectSound8 doesn't support throttle) so the sounds will be interpolated based on the throttle (sounds better)