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    How to compile on linux?

    good to hear you got it. it's a pity vba-m doesn't use plain old make files.i failed last time i tried to edit their cmake. i hate kde4 too its getting like gnome is with the bloat.im using openbox atm but using ubuntu your prob used to bloat and bugs etc
  2. slacker

    Memory-based Patch support

    even if patches are not used its good to have them available on the forums then whoever wants to can apply them manually. keep posting them tantric.
  3. slacker

    GBA emulator crashes on launch

    Fuck this, I am thinking of creating a tool to get this information. I have already done the code for MuNES 1.3, so I can easily make the code self contained.... great idea something that dumps all the info to crashlog or something like that things like versions SDL version for sdl. gtk version for gtk front end etc dump of the current state would be good in the file too possibly make it zip everything with rom in a zip possibly program in a developer/debug flag with printf's on nearly everything might get you further.
  4. slacker

    Any way to get VBA save file behavior?

    it was prob mislooked before but there's a patch in that misc patch thread that moves SDL builds to XDG like GTK builds. it would be easy enouh to make everything by default .config or %appdata% but then in the config file have savestatefolder batterystatefolder etc as well as the command line --savestate folder etc then the better "multiuser" way can stay but if desired can be overwritten using the config files or command line
  5. slacker

    Any way to get VBA save file behavior?

    please keep this windows only for Linux it really should be separated otherwise you'll get permission problems galore.
  6. slacker

    Some random patches

    here's a random patch moves SDL build to XDG specs (using .config/vbam instead of .vbam) since i saw gtk build went to this i did up a little patch. prob not perfect but seems to work
  7. slacker

    Is it just me

    it has seemed to have died a little not much going into the svn i hope it picks up.
  8. if its all working sweet you should consider doing a .patch so its in the svn. im sure they would love to get a working mac frontend
  9. slacker

    Some Info PLZ.

    if u wanted too, its never late.... lol i meant i use xlib instead of sdl im just crazy like that less libs the better xlib isn't too hard just uses a few more lines of code
  10. slacker

    Some Info PLZ.

    i do a bit of coding for some projects and submit any work i do do for projects im not a member of my advice would be to look at others code you can learn alot and is one big benefit of open source. but looking isnt really enough it helps but the other tip is to do coding if you see something in the code you don't quite get or haven't done yet make a simple program and try to include it and experiment. if your into opengl id recommend nehe their tutorials are old now but they still work well NeHe for sdl lazyfoo's tutorials cover alot LazyFoo SDL if your coding for linux and want to use xlib (i always want to ) XLib also another site with some linux only stuff Advanced Linux Programming and on more site all about 3d stuff and coding its a bit harder to navigate but some good info there too here
  11. slacker

    link problem

    if you mean linking as in 2 game boys running either local or through network that is not working ATM and prob wont be in for a while since most of it would have to be rewritten for core changes/multi-os support.
  12. slacker

    [FIXED]Sound issues

    f1 and f2 was only so i could test them on the fly they were not used in the list so i thought id just leave them in. anyway the patch shouldve saved you some time atleast.
  13. slacker

    [FIXED]Sound issues

    sorry posted an old patch it was in a folder below the real patch this one removes the old one.
  14. slacker

    [FIXED]Sound issues

    here's the patch i came up with. it works its like midnight now so im not doing much more on it for a while. it removes 2 settings that looks like they don't exist now (couldn't find them) volume controls work well i set a limit between 1.0f - 100.0f you would prob wanna lower that and clean it up but they work well in GBA couldnt tell with GB. mute works with both ones now ( YAY ) moves lirc functions up a bit so they can access the savegame and loadgame functions anyway it works and compiles should help when whoever is ready to add sdl sound fixes to svn. (I had fun) you will wanna clean it all up its late here so i am done for today. i didn't touch savegames and sound although i saw a function to load sound back. you should enable posting .patch files as attachments
  15. slacker

    [FIXED]Sound issues

    i am just doing it for fun anyway. if i get anywhere ill post a patch and it'll make the sdl maintainers life easier if not doesn't matter. i commented out most of the old sound hardware and am changing it as i go volume control works much better